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COPA-DATA attends Machine Building Live

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Showcasing operational efficiency with zenon software demos

Industrial automation software developer, COPA-DATA, will be attending Machine Building Live, taking place at the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham on 4 October, 2023. Visitors are invited to visit COPA-DATA at booth 64, where the company will be showcasing its cutting-edge zenon software demos, offering a firsthand experience of the platform's multifunctional capabilities.

The zenon software platform is an industrial automation solution designed for machine builders and will be the centrepiece of COPA-DATA’s exhibition. It empowers end users to optimise manufacturing processes, enhance operational efficiency and ensure real-time monitoring and control across industrial machinery. zenon offers advanced HMI/SCADA capabilities, data visualisation, alarms, reporting, and integration with diverse systems, enabling businesses to streamline operations and achieve excellence in industrial processes.

Attendees will have the opportunity to witness live demonstrations that showcase zenon's diverse functions in real-world scenarios across different industries.

zenon software demo highlights

Among demonstrated features is the ability to use zenon for seamless execution of batch production using the platform’s recipe administration feature. Attendees can observe the initiation of a batch through recipe selection, testing, approval and control recipe creation. The process incorporates pH value checks and automatic product filling. COPA-DATA's experts for automation in pharmaceutical and food manufacturing will be at hand to discuss these applications.

COPA-DATA will also demonstrate a simulation of a packaging line. The demo includes dynamic process status colour changes, along with Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) key figure displays. The simulation spans startup, production and rundown phases, providing an immersive experience of the entire process.

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Through a detailed status model derived from the Weihenstephan status model, attendees can gain insights into how zenon could report on the operational status of a filling machine. This demo illustrates recipe management, shadow variables and resource consumption reports.

In addition to these demonstrations, COPA-DATA will also present its pharmaceutical Human Machine Interface (HMI) displays, designed to elevate pharmaceutical manufacturing management. This advanced HMI platform ensures regulatory compliance, operational efficiency and data integrity in the pharmaceutical industry. It offers intuitive visualisation, real-time monitoring, and comprehensive reporting, enabling seamless production management and quality control.

"These demonstrations will offer a glimpse into the operational efficiency that our platform can deliver. Through seamless execution of batch production, dynamic process simulations and detailed operational status reports, we’re showcasing how zenon allows industries to optimise manufacturing processes." said Mohammed Ahmed, Sales Manager at COPA-DATA. "We look forward to sharing insights, discussing challenges, and exploring how our solutions can drive operational excellence."

The diverse showcase caters to the cross-industry abilities of the zenon platform, showing the adaptability and flexibility of the technology. Join booth 64 to learn how COPA-DATA's innovative software solutions can elevate your equipment’s processes.

More information on the zenon demo project can be found at To attend Machine Building Live, register here.

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