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Internal weld flash removal is particularly important in the manufacture of cylindrical tubes where drawing is required to improve shape tolerances, e.g. B. in silencer pipes for the automotive industry, as they are subject to severe deformation. Reason: Deburring helps reduce nicks. Therefore, the formation of an appropriately small, flat burr is crucial in order to limit the cutting forces on the inner tube scarfing device to an absolute minimum. In conjunction with state-of-the-art high-frequency generators, our impeder meets this requirement through high efficiency. The resulting improvement in service life in turn leads to cost savings through a significant reduction in downtime for tool changes. In addition, high impeder efficiency allows the welding speed to be increased, which has a positive effect on the deburring process.


As an international developer and manufacturer of internal pipe scarfing tools for longitudinally welded pipes, we have gradually achieved the world market leadership position through constant improvements and exceptional developments.Confirmation at the national level This has been confirmed several times by relevant rankings such as TOP 100, the Mannesmann Innovation Prize, the Industry Prize and the Innovator of the Year award - all of which unanimously rank Blissenbach GmbH as one of the most innovative companies in Germany.

The pioneering spirit and innovations 

have made the company the most future-oriented pioneer in the field of inner tube deburring systems and the industry leader over the last 30 years. The high-end tools, some of which are patented, were developed from the customer's perspective in order to offer pipe and system manufacturers the highest level of robustness, sustainability and cost-effectiveness for their complex production processes. Pipe producers and plant engineers around the world rely on our products, process technologies and services. They develop Ideas for their clients and the innovations are sending a clear message: Ernst Blissenbach has been at the forefront of competition for years so the customers remain viable in future. With the BLISSart® Systems any production of longitundinally welded tubes becomes safer, easier, more environmentally compatible and more economical.

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Benchmarking for the BLISSart® products focuses on the special type of people who work at the Blissenbach company. These are employees who go out of their way every single day to achieve the exceptional and thus guarantee the success of the company. They develop and produce precision internal pipe scarfing systems of the highest quality and increase the efficiency of pipe production.

Who are these people whose ideas have made Ernst Blissenbach GmbH one of the world market leaders? They are people who literally move mountains. They belong to the elite group and are the company's most valuable asset due to their high level of qualifications and know what needs to be done. They want pipe production to be sustainably successful and these experts know what is important. You understand the requirements of the market, recognize industry trends and keep customers up to date.

Added value through support in process solutions
What good does the best ID scarfing product do if it is not perfectly integrated into the existing Tube production? With the right know-how and support for process solutions on site at the customer’s site, Ernst Blissenbach GmbH ensures that BLISSart tools can be smoothly integrated into future production processes. To do this, the specialists work with their customer contacts to create a needs analysis and adapt existing processes individually to the requirements. On this ideal basis, the innovations offer maximum quality assurance and ensure risk and cost reduction through efficient systems.

State-of-the-art technology “made in Germany” shapes the ideas and helps to derive economic benefit from environmental advantages. The aim is to provide robust and sustainable ID scarfing solutions for effective production of longitudinally welded pipes. Through close collaboration with customers, these solutions are tailored to their individual needs and specific requirements.
Blissenbach innovations do not remain in the idea phase, but conquer the market and set standards worldwide. Constantly new technologies ensure an enormous competitive advantage and long-term success for our clients. The mission: to offer robust, sustainable internal scarfing solutions and shape the future of pipe production.

Advancing new technologies
ID scarfing systems from Blissenbach stand for robustness, longevity and functionality. Their perfect design and construction reduce tool-related machine downtimes, avoid rising costs and significantly increase the quality of internal pipe scarfing.
At the same time, the company is actively involved in research to improve material and production technology. Through systematic and intensive collaboration with technology centers and technical universities, we are always able to provide new impetus. Ernst Blissenbach GmbH stands for a culture of innovation that transcends boundaries.

How does innovation actually come about at Blissenbach?
In order to be able to develop efficient ID peeling systems, the latest trends in industry, research and the environment are used. This is where the inspiration for the company's innovation and technology agenda lies. But that's not all: the innovative ability of new BLISSart products, BLISSart further developments and innovation processes as well as the impact on the market with regard to customers and the international ecological balance are also regularly evaluated. This requires the willingness to change and the courage to consistently implement the changes deemed necessary.

MEDIA (only regarding awards and similar content)

03/2023 | Source: DDW
Innovator of the Year 2023
Ernst Blissenbach GmbH nominated for the biggest audience award of the German economy.

09/2022 | Source: Bergische Wirtschaft
Presentation of the Ernst Blissenbach GmbH in the Official Publication of the Chamber of Commerce (IHK)
Report on the Career of Company Founder Ernst Blissenbach as an Entrepreneur as well as the Development of His Tools and the Associated Founding of a New Company.

03/2022 | Source: RGA
Award collector celebrates milestone birthday
Ernst Blissenbach GmbH from Remscheid is 25 years old.

06/2020 | Source: RGA
Remscheid Placed Twice in the Top Ten
Ernst Blissenbach GmbH is one of the two companies which received the coveted seal awarded to the most innovative SMEs – an honor bestowed on them for the fourth time already.

June 2020 | Source: Compamedia
Ernst Blissenbach Was Crowned Innovation Champion
Letting go of the old and trying new ways: As an innovative SME you cannot be afraid of change — you have to embrace it.

July 2018 | Source: Die Wirtschaft
TOP 100: Ernst Blissenbach ranks among the 3rd Time to the Innovative Elite
Mentor Ranga Yogeshwar honours Ernst Blissenbach as TOP 100-Innovator 2018

July 2018 | Source: Pressebox
TOP 100: Ernst Blissenbach GmbH is among the Leading Innovators of 2018
For Ernst Blissenbach GmbH it is already the third time that they have made it into this elite group of innovators.

May 2018 | Source: Die Wirtschaft
Interview with Ernst Blissenbach
A very good example of the generation Free Ager

July 2017 | Source: Huber Verlag
“Best of 2017” For the Third Time
Huber Verlag für Neue Medien GmbH again recognizes Ernst Blissenbach GmbH.

June 2017 | Source: Remscheider General-Anzeiger
Ernst Blissenbach Receives TOP 100 Award For the Second Time
Blissenbach is part of the innovation elite of German KMU and impresses the Vienna University of Economics and Business with its Top Management and its climate of innovation.

May 2017 | Source: RGA Bergische Wirtschaft
Products In Demand Worldwide
Ernst Blissenbach GmbH manufactures specialty tools in Remscheid with great success.

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