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Envorem has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Saudia Arabia-based Greenland Environmental Services to provide its innovative technology to help the Kingdom in its environmental efforts. Envorem and Greenland Environmental Services are building a roadmap for localization to manufacture the recycling systems in Saudi Arabia to support the Saudi 2030 vision, the Saudi Green Initiative, and Saudi Aramco’s In-Kingdom Total Value Add (iktva) program.

As a leading global energy producer, Saudi Arabia is committed to contributing positively to the worldwide fight against climate change. Since the launch of Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia has made tremendous progress in addressing its unique environmental challenges, but there is much more to be done. The Saudi Green Initiative, launched in 2021, is a long-term sustainable action plan which aims to address climate change, reduce emissions, and increase the use of clean energy in the Kingdom.

2023 09 13 103027Adam Majzoub, Director of Greenland said, “We at Greenland believe in the importance of being environmentally conscious and fully understand the importance of our establishment, and the responsibility that comes with it. We are committed to running our operations in line with the National waste management ambitions outlined in the kingdom's 2030 Vision for achieving environmental sustainability, increasing the efficiency of waste management, as well as establishing a comprehensive circular economy. With our strategic partnership with ENVOREM, we believe that we can contribute and align these mandates in the Kingdom.”

Saudi Aramco is the world’s largest integrated energy and chemicals company and is committed to leading the energy transition. Sustainability factors have become increasingly critical for Aramco, as it aims to balance profitability, environmental protection, and the growth and prosperity of the communities in which it operates. Saudi Aramco and the Kingdom’s (iktva) program aims to grow a localized manufacturing sector, increase global competitiveness by supporting a diverse economic environment, and drive future prosperity within the Kingdom. There are also other companies in Saudi Arabia that have a clear program for soil/sludge remediation and have mandates under the Saudi Investment Recycling Company (SIRC).

“We are pleased to align our innovative technology with a company that already makes a significant contribution to waste management in Saudi Arabia, has great links with the Saudia authorities, and already holds numerous waste transportation contracts,” Iman Hill, Envorem’s recently appointed Chair said. “Within the Saudi Vision 2030 and its Green Initiative, there are ambitious targets for waste management and recycling, and this MOU is an important step in building a partnership in service of that vision, with Envorem’s unique technology at the heart of it.”

Envorem has developed an innovative new technology that uses a little-known property of water to process production sludges, cleaning the solids and recovering the entrained oil without generating emissions. The technology combines established techniques with hydraulic shock and cavitation, where bubbles are created by the vaporization of water, a phenomenon copied from the natural world. Cavitation can be generated ultrasonically, electrically, or physically and is widely known as a parasitic effect that destroys propellers on ships and the impellers of pumps. The collapse of cavitation bubbles is so powerful it liberates metal fragments from the surfaces. Envorem harnesses these forces to drive oil contamination out of sludges and solids using less than 10% of the energy required for thermal treatment techniques.

Envorem Limited is a UK based company that has developed a fast, compact Greentech to treat oily sludge without generating emissions by exploiting an obscure natural phenomenon in water. Paid to deploy a large-scale demonstration system to the state oil company of Oman, it successfully cleaned their sludge and recovered 99% of the oil for recycling. Compared to incineration, just one system can save every hour, the equivalent of emissions generated by an airline flight from London to New York. Just 12 systems would save more CO2 than all the UK forests combined.

The oil industry discards around 1% of all crude oil as waste generating 120 million tonnes of oily sludge every year with global legacy deposits exceeding 1.8 billion tonnes. Currently, with no environmental way to treat these, they are either incinerated or dumped with massive environmental impact on our oceans, land and air. The company’s mission is to address the legacy created by the global dependence on oil; displacing current sludge disposal practices with environmentally responsible technology and, cleaning our fragile environment by remediating the world’s inventory of tailings ponds and sludge lagoons. Having secured funding from Innovate-UK and private investors, Envorem is now accelerating commercialisation of the technology.

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