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Smart Robotics announces the launch of the new-to-market Smart Parcel Picker

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Smart Robotics, a global leader in pick and place automation as a service for warehouses and logistics processes, is excited to announce the launch of their newly engineered Smart Parcel Picker. This picking robot is designed to depalletize and unload an array of containers with parcels, varying in size, surface material and weight. The Smart Parcel Picker is able to do this at business case friendly throughput and performance - replacing physically straining and repetitive work for warehouse employees at times that the industry is also experiencing growing labour shortages.

According to Smart Robotics, the Smart Parcel Picker is set to enhance the quality of employee well-being across logistical processes as the robot automates high-risk tasks that impact employee safety in the warehouse. For the Parcel Carrier industry, the Smart Parcel Picker is redefining expectations when it comes to the accuracy and agility against which robotic systems operate. Taking into account the strenuous tasks warehouse employees perform when moving large goods, the robot can handle a large variety of objects whilst replacing the rigid activities for employees.

“We are very excited to finally offer The Smart Parcel Picker to the wider market! The customers who have been working with it during its development unanimously report that the Smart Parcel Picker is well ahead of others in the space due to its versatility and ability to pick such a large variety of items at high speed.” - Johan Jardevall, CEO of Smart Robotics.

With a limited selection of robotic developers producing similar pick and place robots, Smart Robotics is looking beyond the restrictions of an underserved market to offer an authentic solution for big parcel carriers who want to automate their processes. The Smart Parcel Picker is tailor-made to seamlessly integrate with existing Warehouse Management Systems, limiting disruptions to existing facility processes.

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Worker safety is critical in operations where robots work at high speed and with heavy loads. The Smart Parcel Picker has been designed from the ground up to ensure that operators and other warehouse staff can work safely in the area surrounding the robot cell.

Its AI technology allows the robot to continuously improve efficiency and productivity​, with little human oversight needed. The Smart Parcel Picker is able to self-teach and adapts to its surrounding environment, not to mention its 24/7 endurance for enhanced productivity. For parcel carriers who need to move heavy goods around the clock, this improves the longevity of sustaining logistical processes by aiding the physical performance of human capabilities.

As part of the company’s future outlook, Smart Robotics is looking to partner with their customers to further collaborate on the optimization of the pick and place robot, and to prepare configurations of the Smart Parcel Picker for optimal service delivery in the Parcel Carrier industry.

About Smart Robotics

Smart Robotics offers picking automation as a service for production- and logistics processes around the globe. Smart Robotics is a world-leading company that enables their customers to improve quality of work in fulfilment centres and to scale their business. The company’s innovative and reliable cobots and robots can help to overcome the ever-growing labour shortages and scale up production by taking over repetitive and physically straining tasks, such as palletizing, picking and placing of items. Thanks to the company’s advanced AI software, accuracy and operational efficiency is improved. As a Pick & Place Partner, ensuring reliable and uninterrupted operation, Smart Robotics is there to actively support Parcel Carriers and take care of monitoring, updates and maintenance.

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