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Act now with energy-saving technologies - say Riventa

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With electricity prices soaring, pump system optimisation experts Riventa have voiced their support to the Chairman of Isle’s call for the water industry to make the most of innovative, energy-saving technology.

Speaking about the unavoidable climate crisis, Dr Piers Clark, Chairman of leading technical consultancy, Isle, stated that the water sector has significant potential to produce a positive impact. However, he added that the adoption of new energy-saving technologies could be accelerated.

Steve Barrett, Managing Director of Riventa, said: “As a business that can clearly demonstrate the efficiencies/inefficiencies of assets such as pumps, blowers and turbines, we are very used to trials, to show, for example, just how much energy can be saved, but Dr Clark is correct in his analysis; there are technologies available now that could make an immediate impact on those fast-rising energy bills. In the extensive process treatment undertaken by water companies that largely gets taken for granted, we all know that large amounts of power are required; so, with world events causing such a crisis in electricity costs, the water industry has a timely opportunity to embrace technologies that will drastically reduce energy bills, and at the same time, protect assets, as well as drive down emissions and pollutions”.

Riventa's flexible Freeflow Setup can help the water industry make big energy savingsRiventa's flexible Freeflow Setup can help the water industry make big energy savings

He added: “We have to say though that our own experience with water companies has been very positive, where clearly there is the will to look after assets on the journey to Carbon Net Zero. We all want change for the better – and faster. Given the unprecedented rise in energy costs, the industry may have no choice other than to start rolling out key, decisive technologies that have proven deliverables”.

Riventa’s data-driven technology is currently in operation in eleven different countries worldwide. This includes a project in Paris, where at a key pumping station, use of its pump monitoring system and HydraNet software proved that the rescheduling of pumps to meet optimum performance, provides an immediate saving of 21%.


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