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Dynamic inventory management system ensures timely delivery of packaging materials to keep manufacturing and distribution flowing

AGE Industries, Ltd, a leading supplier of innovative and custom packaging and shipping solutions for industry and government agencies, offers Just-in-time (JIT) delivery of corrugated boxes, fiber tubes, and packaging materials. During the current supply chain challenges, customers rely on AGE Industries’ dynamic inventory management system and efficient operations for timely delivery of packaging materials to keep manufacturing and distribution flowing.

AGE Industries offers a comprehensive one-stop shop for corrugated boxes, fiber tubes, and ancillary shipping items including stretch wrap, bubble tape, and labels. An in-house design and engineering team works with customers to develop custom solutions and ensure that exact specifications are met. 

Custom design solutions enhance the protection of products and reduce shipping costs, and custom printing increases brand awareness and supports point-of-purchase marketing campaigns. Options for custom boxes are limitless which allows you to tailor your packaging for its market.

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With six manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and Mexico, AGE Industries ships to any location in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Products can also be delivered to anywhere in the world by AGE Industries or one of its affiliated partners, providing customers with an integrated program for satisfying all their custom design and packaging needs.

For more information about the AGE Industries, Ltd, visit www.ageindustries.com.

About AGE Industries, Ltd.

Founded by Arthur G. Eltzroth in 1974, AGE offers innovative custom packaging and shipping solutions for private industry and governmental agencies. AGE designs and manufactures corrugated boxes, fiber tubes, and wood crating for Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and New Mexico in the United States. AGE Box de Mexico, based out of Reynosa, Tamps. Mexico, provides custom corrugated packaging and overall packaging solutions for Mexico. AGE meets WBENC, Tx HUB, and CMBL certifications.

For more information, contact AGE Industries at 817-641-8178 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Pump purchase return on investment can be measured in days

By Mike Libbey, Area Sales Manager CIRCOR and Bob Limper, Business Development Manager CIRCOR

A global manufacturer of scented plastic garbage bags was looking for an alternative to the use of pre-scented plastic pellets. A serendipitous encounter at a tradeshow led them to a precision gear metering pump solution that gave them accuracy and consistency at the low flow rates required, while also reducing their costs and improving worker health. Yearly savings are so high that the return on investment for the pump system can be measured in days.

Seeking an alternative for costly pre-scented plastic pellets

Example of storage silosExample of storage silos

A global manufacturer of scented plastic garbage bags was looking for an alternative to the use of pre-scented plastic pellets, which required a dedicated silo for each of the 20 available fragrances. The pellets are pneumatically conveyed to each silo from either tanker trucks or rail cars and the manufacturer was experiencing logistical issues associated with keeping the silos filled. They also had to carry high costs for maintaining the inventory of the pre-scented pellets.

In addition, the heavily concentrated scents had been causing health concerns for the workers who complained of headaches. To mitigate this issue, each extruder line was fitted with a vacuum exhaust hood to expel the fumes to the outdoors. On occasion, these emissions led to complaints from neighbors and citations from the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

The company was seeking a way to use plain plastic pellets and apply scented oil directly to the plastic sheet immediately after the extrusion process to reduce costs, logistical challenges, and energy use. They had tried to build such a system in-house but had struggled to achieve accuracy and consistency at the low flow rates they required. They decided to seek a pump-based solution that could directly spray fragrance on the warm melted sheet plastic because the in-house solution could not meet rigorous quality control standards requiring the spray-on scent to exactly match that of pre-scented pellets.

Finding a solution on a tradeshow floor

Design engineers from the plastic bag manufacturer attending the PackExpo show observed a working demonstration of precision gear metering pumps made by Zenith and asked application experts if the pumps might be a fit with their application. After collecting information on the application, an area manager for the pump manufacturer with extensive experience in dosing and blending systems visited the plant to get a firsthand view of current operations and gather additional information. 

CIRCOR’s system solution utilizing a Zenith B-9000 Series rotary positive displacement pump specifically designed for single stream chemical duty applications.CIRCOR’s system solution utilizing a Zenith B-9000 Series rotary positive displacement pump specifically designed for single stream chemical duty applications.Working with the pump manufacturer’s design group they developed a system solution utilizing a Zenith B-9000 Series rotary positive displacement pump specifically designed for single stream chemical duty applications.  The pump features an accurate, repeatable, pulse free flow in a compact design ideal for dosing additives such as colors, flavors, and fragrances.

This type of pump is defined as rotary because the drive shaft is rotated as compared to other types of pumps using a reciprocating motion and is also considered to be a positive displacement type because the displaced volume is constant and does not vary.

Pumping action is achieved by filling the gear teeth spaces and transporting the fluid around the outer diameter of the gears. When the gear teeth mesh, the fluid is displaced and forced to the outlet side of the pump. The flow rate can only be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the speed at which the shaft is rotated. The pump selected offers precision grinding and lapping processes that result in a precision metering instrument, producing precise, pulse-less, and repeatable fluid flow.

The pumps offer extremely tight operating clearances to minimize fluid slip. Manufacturing tolerances on many parts are to +/- 50 millionths of inch with surface finishes as smooth as 4 micro inches or better. The pumps are offered with an AC “closed loop” motor speed controller to maintain 0.1 percent pump speed accuracy.

The Zenith 9000 series pump is available in 11 sizes with capacities ranging from .003 to 300 GPH.  Wetted parts are available in through hardened 440C series stainless steel, specialty treated 316 stainless steel, and high quality tool steels such as D2, M2, M4 and CPM-M4 to provide good corrosion and abrasion resistance. 

The bag manufacturer selected a model with a magnetic drive (mag-drive) sealing option, which can eliminate shaft leakage of fluids, increasing plant safety and reducing volatile organic compound emissions. The use of a magnetic coupling also eliminates downtime due to mechanical seal failures and eliminates the need for buffer fluids.

New solution reduces costs and offers uniform fragrance distribution

Moveable Cart utilizing a Zenith B-9000 Series rotary positive displacement pump specifically designed for single stream chemical duty applications.Moveable Cart utilizing a Zenith B-9000 Series rotary positive displacement pump specifically designed for single stream chemical duty applications.The new Zenith pump system gave the scented bag manufacturer a continuous, pulse free process, which guarantees equal and uniform fragrance distribution. By adding the scent directly to the bags after leaving the extruder, the plastic bag manufacturer not only eliminated the need to have separate pellet silos for each scent, but also eliminated the need to vent the fumes that come from the pellets as they travel from the silos to the extruders. 

The manufacturer purchased the first system and after successful trials, ordered six additional systems. Over the past two years they have purchased more than 30 systems, with plans to order more. The manufacturer is also interested in having Zenith conduct annual field calibrations of each system.

After two years of operation, the manufacturer estimates a yearly savings of approximately $480,000 per skid in operation. With 30 skids now running, the return on investment for each system purchase can be measured in weeks.

To date, there have been no odor complaints since the customer installed the  Zenith systems.

Chevron LogoChevron U.S.A. Inc., a subsidiary of Chevron Corporation (NYSE: CVX), closed its previously announced acquisition of full ownership of Beyond6, LLC and its nationwide network of compressed natural gas stations from Mercuria Energy Trading and Beyond6 founder Andrew West.

About Chevron

Chevron is one of the world's leading integrated energy companies. We believe affordable, reliable and ever-cleaner energy is essential to achieving a more prosperous and sustainable world. Chevron produces crude oil and natural gas; manufactures transportation fuels, lubricants, petrochemicals and additives; and develops technologies that enhance our business and the industry. We are focused on lowering the carbon intensity in our operations and growing lower carbon businesses along with our traditional business lines. More information about Chevron is available at www.chevron.com.

About Mercuria

Founded in 2004, Mercuria is one of the largest independent energy and commodity groups in the world. As an integrated group, Mercuria is present all along the commodity value chain with activities forming a balanced combination of trading flows, strategic assets and structuring solutions. With more than USD 100 billion in turnover, Mercuria has become one of the most active players in the energy and renewables markets. Over the next five years, the company will direct half of its investment towards the energy transition. For more information, visit www.mercuria.com.

New machine improves product quality and increases production capacity

Bison Gear & Engineering Corp., a leader in the power transmission industry, has added an Automated Gear Tooth Grinder to their gear hobbing department. This new equipment offers a range of benefits that improve product quality and increase production capacity. This unique machine frees up capacity on four other machines, improves the quality of gear geometry, improves the cycle time, and effectively grinds spur and helical gears.

At a time when product demand outpaces production capacity, adding this single piece of equipment will help make available nearly 40% more production time on four separate hobbing machines. In this way, the Automated Gear Tooth Grinder significantly increases total gear-cutting capabilities. 

This new machine is also capable of grinding the gear tooth profile, leading to an exacting, .00005 inch precision. This means that the teeth will continually mesh at the same point, appreciably reducing wear and noise. This aspect of the grinder proves of great benefit for customers who have noise-sensitive applications. 

2023 01 03 150321

Customers can also obtain increased gear motor efficiency from the fact that lower weight lubricant oils are needed when using a grind-finished gear. The Automated Gear Tooth Grinder produces a better finished product in ¼ of the time of a standard hobbing machine, significantly expediting the grinding process and improving the quality of the gear. 

For more information about the Bison Gear & Engineering, visit https://www.bisongear.com.

About Bison Gear & Engineering Corp.

Bison Gear and Engineering began in 1960 by designing problem-solving gearboxes and gear motors for their customers. Today, the company has grown into an industry leader for fractional and low integral horsepower electric motor, gearmotor and gear reducer products by implementing innovative lean manufacturing processes, world class engineering and customer support teams driven by their Robusticity® design philosophy; allowing Bison to consistently expand its product line with new motion control and power transmission solutions. For more information on Bison or their products, please visit www.bisongear.com, or contact Bison directly at 1-800-AT-BISON (1-800-282-4766).

Valmet has completed the acquisition of the U.S. based NovaTech Automation’s Process Solutions business.

The acquired business specializes in process control and optimization solutions for batch, continuous and hybrid processes. It serves customers mainly in process industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and chemical products. With a turnover of approximately USD 18 million, it employs 76 people in the United States and the Benelux countries. The acquisition excludes NovaTech Automation’s other divisions.

val178The NovaTech Automation Process Solutions business will be integrated to Valmet’s Automation Systems business line. The acquired business will be included in Valmet’s financial reporting for the first time in Valmet’s 1st quarter 2023 financial reporting.

“The acquisition was completed as planned and we are very happy to welcome the new colleagues as well as the former NovaTech process solutions’ customers to Valmet. The acquired business complements our automation offering well, bringing new synergies and opening the opportunity to serve both companies’ current and future process automation customers with a wider offering,” says Emilia Torttila-Miettinen, President, Automation Systems business line at Valmet.

“Valmet is a truly global, sustainable, and customer-focused process engineering organization. This acquisition is a great opportunity for the process organization, its employees and customers,” says Conrad Oakey, CEO, NovaTech Automation.

Valmet is a leading global developer and supplier of process technologies, automation and services for the pulp, paper and energy industries. With our automation systems and flow control solutions we serve an even wider base of process industries. Our 17,500 professionals around the world work close to our customers and are committed to moving our customers’ performance forward – every day.

The company has over 220 years of industrial history and a strong track record in continuous improvement and renewal. In 2022, a major milestone was achieved when the flow control company Neles was merged into Valmet. The combined company’s net sales in 2021 were approximately EUR 4.5 billion based on the respective company figures.

Valmet’s shares are listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki and the head office is in Espoo, Finland.   

Follow us on valmet.com

For further information, please contact:
Toni Saarnio, Vice President, Strategy and Business Development, tel. +358 40 588 4122, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Thanks to Nidec ASI's Made in Italy technology it will be possible to improve air quality and to mitigate the acoustic impact of ferries and cruise ships in the two Ligurian ports, for the benefit of local communities and the relaunch of tourism from a greener perspective

Nidec ASI, part of the Energy & Infrastructure Division of the Nidec Group, continues its growth path in Europe and in Italy under the banner of sustainability, consolidating its leadership in the ecological transition sector in our country by being awarded two turnkey projects for electrification of the quays (cold ironing) of the passenger ports of Genoa and Savona. In particular, as far as Genoa is concerned, 4 years after the first shore-to-ship project carried out by Nidec ASI for the port of Genoa Prà, the Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority, by signing a contract worth a total of approximately €18 million, has assigned the executive design and works to the Temporary Joint Venture (TJV) of which Nidec ASI is the leading company, and in which Ceisis, leader in the design, construction and management of port facilities, and the Molfino & Longo civil engineering firm are consortium partners. Nidec ASI is also at the head of the group of companies which, by decision of the Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority, was awarded the contract for a project worth around €8 million in Savona, which once again involves Ceisis, together with Giuggia Costruzioni, the SV Port Company and the Fenoglio E Persico Engineering Firm. For the Ligurian capital, the order was acquired in June and the design phase has already started, while the order for the contract relating to the port of Savona was signed in September and it is estimated that both projects will be completed in around 2-3 years.

Thanks to the innovative electric power supply systems for ships developed by Nidec ASI in Genoa and Savona, it will be possible to reduce emissions and noise pollution with positive impacts on inhabitants and tourists in the areas bordering the two Ligurian ports, which are both located inside the cities, while at the same time having minimal impact on the operation of the ports. In Genoa, the project envisages Nidec ASI building six berths which will allow the cruise ships and ferries docked at the port to switch off their on-board generators, connecting to the electricity grid to meet their operational needs. In order to adapt the voltage and frequency of the power supply network to what the ships require, a conversion system consisting of distribution panels, transformers and converters that will allow the ships to be powered simultaneously will be implemented. In Savona a cold ironing system similar to that of Genoa will be developed for the cruise port, with a converter which will allow one ship to be powered at a time. For both projects, an automation, monitoring and control system will allow meeting all safety regulations.

nidec logoThe two orders comply with the necessity of following European Union directives which, since 2003, encourage ports to adopt quays electrification systems (shore-to-ship) to reduce polluting emissions of vessels in the port, while maintaining heating and air conditioning running, as well as the necessary vessel auxiliary systems. By 2025 this recommendation will become binding for all European ports. The planned investments for modernizing the ports of Genoa and Savona are co-financed by the EIB (European Investment Bank) for a total of projects equal to €789 million (approximately 300 covered by the EIB loan) and include various interventions such as moving the breakwater in the capital port, access to the railway terminals, cold ironing (electrification of the quays), restructuring the port moorings and IT security.

“These ambitious projects confirm our leadership in the development of shore-to-ship systems in Europe and in Italy. The two initiatives where we are protagonists represent a fundamental step in the process aimed at reducing the environmental impact of port activities, a central theme for promoting a sustainable development model in Italy and in Europe and that we trust will kick off many other similar projects for Italian ports, after the Ligurian ones, which have led the way. The transformation of logistics and port infrastructures towards greater safety and energy savings can also help improve the life of local communities and develop tourist activity, allowing a greater number of cruise ships to dock” said Dominique Llonch, CEO of Nidec ASI. “We are pleased to continue collaborating with the Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority by providing the most advanced technology, thanks to 40 years of experience in the construction of conversion systems, combined with the ability to meet specific needs through customized solutions and proven know-how, developed through various applications already installed in the Port of Genoa Prà, Livorno, in the Muggiano Shipyards - La Spezia, in the Military Naval Bases of Taranto, in the port of Valletta and in Port de Séte (Southern France). And we have many other initiatives in the pipeline: we are in fact participating in all the tenders in the Mediterranean area for the development of electrification systems”.

These new projects, together with other shore-to-ship systems implemented last year in Malta, and in southern France, as well as those in the development phase in Greece and Spain, other major initiatives such as the supply of battery storage systems for onboard energy for full-electric and hybrid cargo ships, ferries and yachts (with the possibility of providing automatic fast-recharging from land), and solutions for automating cranes used in ports, make Nidec ASI a true leader in the evolution of the maritime and port sector towards all-electric, so key to navigation and logistics that are increasingly green and sustainable. The Group is also fully-active in the transport sector through promoting the development of electric cars utilizing an ultra-fast recharging system for e-vehicles and a recently launched Ultra-Fast charging station.

Nidec Industrial Solutions (NIS), the commercial platform of the Nidec group, offers complete electrical systems and brings together the products and services of Nidec ASI, Avtron Industrial Automation, Nidec Industrial Automation, Motortecnica and SSB Wind Systems. It offers customized solutions throughout the world for a wide range of industrial applications. Its reference markets are the petrochemical, traditional and renewable energy, steel, naval and industrial automation markets. The multinational is specialized in heavy duty applications in which high power and high performance are key: electric motors and generators up to 65 MW of power (87,000 HP); power electronic converters and inverters; automation and software for industrial processes; retrofitting of power plants and hydroelectric generators; integrated systems for the production and storage of electrical energy from renewable sources and their integration in power grids. Following the acquisition of the Motors, Drives and Electric Power Generation divisions of Emerson Electric Co., Nidec ASI has also made further improvements to its industrial and commercial activities, integrating the medium and low power drives into the overall range offered by Nidec. Thanks to the acquisitions of Control Techniques and Leroy-Somer, part of Nidec Corporation Group since February 1, 2017, it is able to offer technologies optimized for the control of motors and to develop automation solutions for specific applications, tailored to the needs of the client to provide a flexible response to each requirement.

Taking advantage of new export opportunities has seen a Middlesex manufacturer invest more than £300,000 into a new high-speed precision stamping press line.

Eden Limited, a specialist in optical air-blown fibre and cables fittings for the global telecommunication industry, renewed a 35-year working relationship with Bruderer UK to place the order for the BSTA 180-36B press - fitted with the latest high speed precision servo feeder.

This latest addition is being utilised to drive innovation of new product ranges and to supply existing telecoms contracts, ensuring sustainability and development of the legacy network in the UK and abroad.

This machine is already delivering greater accuracies, with Bruderer UK’s quick lift-ram technology - that dynamically adjusts bottom dead centre position whilst in operation - meaning the business can guarantee process stability and part quality to their customers regardless of the volumes required.

“A pre-owned Bruderer BSTA 30 was one of the first machines I bought when I started the business back in 1993,” explained Dave Hawkins, Chairman of Eden.

2023 01 03 103214

“It has given us tremendous service and reliability, so when we were looking to advance our press shops technology to make parts 10x quicker to compete with Far East made products, there was only one investment I was going to make and the new Bruderer press is going to be fantastic for us.”

He continued: “We have built our reputation on innovative products that have become and continue to be the go-to industry standard for over 20 years and, as such, are frequently copied worldwide. Investments, like the Bruderer press, ensures we keep ahead of our competition and paves the way for future expansion.

“We have seen demand increase significantly since lockdown, as we are one of the very few companies worldwide that control all elements of the manufacture in-house. This gives us a unique position in the market to supply when others could not, so much so we have invested some £1.5m over the last 18 months, culminating in the acquisition of the high-speed precision press.”

The Bruderer UK technical team, headed by Scott Baker, worked with Eden to spec the BSTA 180-36B to its exact requirements, adding a state-of-the-art high-speed precision BSV75 Servo Feeder (including automatic material thickness adjustment) and other options to help speed up tool development, tool changeovers and the efficiency of the whole process.

Adrian Haller, Managing Director at Bruderer UK, picked up the story: “This machine will future-proof Eden’s press capability for decades and delivers the unrivalled performance and repeatable accuracy it needs when manufacturing precision components.

“What is really pleasing about this project is that Dave and his team first purchased a Bruderer back in 1993 and that press has given them unbelievable service and will continue to do so. When the time came to add even further capability, there was no hesitation in coming back to us – these strategic partnerships is what our company is all about.”

Pam Gill, Managing Director at Eden, concluded: “The entire project was seamless and Bruderer’s service and support remains second to none.

“Everything was project managed for us from start to finish, meaning we could concentrate on meeting the increases in production and putting in place the platform we needed to maximise several new product and export opportunities.”

For further information, please visit www.edenltd.co.uk or www.bruderer.co.uk.

International technology group ANDRITZ has received an order from Wisewoods Co., Ltd to supply another pressurized refining system – the second from ANDRITZ – to its mill in Phetchaburi, Thailand. Start-up is scheduled for the first half year in 2024.

The new fiber preparation system will feature a capacity of 30 tons per hour and process rubber wood for production of high-quality MDF- (Medium Density Fiber) board.

Visarut Palarit, Deputy Director Wisewoods says: Our first line from ANDRITZ has been showing excellent performance since its installation in 2016. The new line will enable us to enlarge our production capacity significantly. In parallel, ANDRITZ’ technology ensures that we receive top fiber quality – a precondition for our MDF board to deliver lighter color and smoother surface properties.

  Shown from left to right: Sirinda Palarit, Deputy Director Wisewoods, Somyos Palarit, Director Wisewoods, Michael Rupp, Vice President ANDRITZ Panelboard, Visarut Palarit, Deputy Director Wisewoods and Sompong Palarit, Director Wisewoods. © ANDRITZ Shown from left to right: Sirinda Palarit, Deputy Director Wisewoods, Somyos Palarit, Director Wisewoods, Michael Rupp, Vice President ANDRITZ Panelboard, Visarut Palarit, Deputy Director Wisewoods and Sompong Palarit, Director Wisewoods. © ANDRITZ

Wisewoods Co., Ltd is a renowned player in the wood panel industry for four decades and manufactures high-quality MDF products for the Middle East and Asian region.


International technology group ANDRITZ offers a broad portfolio of innovative plants, equipment, systems, services and digital solutions for a wide range of industries and end markets. ANDRITZ is a global market leader in all four of its business areas – Pulp & Paper, Metals, Hydro, and Separation. Technological leadership, global presence and sustainability are the cornerstones of the group’s strategy, which is focused on long-term profitable growth. The publicly listed group has around 27,900 employees and over 280 locations in more than 40 countries.


ANDRITZ Pulp & Paper provides sustainable technology, automation, and service solutions for the production of all types of pulp, paper, board and tissue. The technologies and services focus on maximum utilization of raw materials, increased production efficiency, lower overall operating costs as well as innovative decarbonization strategies and autonomous plant operation. Boilers for power generation, flue gas cleaning systems, various nonwoven technologies, panelboard (MDF) production systems, as well as recycling and shredding solutions for numerous waste materials also form a part of this business area. State-of-the-art IIoT technologies as part of Metris digitalization solutions complete the comprehensive product offering.

Innodisk, a global leader in industrial-grade storage and embedded peripherals is proud to announce its solution to issues faced by Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) applications relating to, and caused by the shortcomings of consumer DRAM

With the recent launch of Innodisk AI, which provides a complete AI solution for industrial integrators, DDR5 series DRAM plays a key role for a variety of applications, including Automated Optical Inspection solutions. With the rise in demand for semiconductors, and the trend towards smaller and smaller processes, the need for automatic systems to detect semiconductor production defects has grown significantly. AOI systems are now used at every step of the semiconductor manufacturing process, and their stability is paramount to production efficiency.

Modern AOI systems face three core issues that Innodisk’s DDR5 RDIMM (registered memory) help to solve: memory bandwidth, accuracy, and high temperatures.

2023 01 02 195500

Memory Bandwidth
Due to the high memory bandwidth needed for training models, AOI systems often struggle when lower capacity modules are used. Innodisk’s DDR5 RDIMM solves this issue with large capacities, including 32GB and 64GB modules.


Due to semiconductor processes going down to the nanometer level, the resolution requirement and accuracy requirements for AOI systems has increased. Innodisk’s DDR5 RDIMM features a new dual 40-bit sub-channel architecture, and supports rigorous side-band ECC, which can handle AOI’s high-accuracy detection demands.

High Temperatures

The high-speed and high-precision inspection that AOI systems provide generates high amounts of heat at the DRAM level, and this can cause overall system temperatures to rise sharply. Innodisk’s DDR5 RDIMM solves these heat concerns via a two-pronged strategy, involving an integration of both hardware and software. Two thermal sensors on the modules detect ambient temperatures, and two software tools: iCAP (Innodisk Cloud Administration Platform), and iSMART monitor temperatures and send warning messages.

Although memory technology is constantly being updated, Innodisk’s observation of the industry's current situation shows that customers' demands for new technologies vary greatly. Therefore, Innodisk not only provides the most complete industrial-grade DDR5 and DDR4 products, but also legacy products such as DDR3, DDR2, DDR and SDRAM. These memory modules will continue to be supplied with stable pricing, original IC, and the same great longevity support as all Innodisk products.

Delta, a global leading provider of power and thermal management solutions, today announced it has been selected for the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) World Index for the 12th consecutive year, not only scoring the highest overall performance in the global electronic equipment industry for the 7th year and the fifth year in a row, but also with the 100th percentile for the environmental and social dimensions of the industry.

Moreover, the 2022 DJSI, an indicator of global corporate competitiveness, determined perfect scores for Delta in the four indicators of innovation management, environmental reporting, social reporting, and human capital development, while scoring 100th percentile in the eight indicators of supply chain management, information security / cybersecurity and system availability, product stewardship, climate strategy, biodiversity, talent attraction and retention, human rights, and privacy protection in the global electronic equipment industry. The industry-leading scores reflect Delta's commitment to innovation and R&D, enhancement in resource utilization efficiency, and product sustainability, as well as its strategic focus on supply chain management, talent cultivation, information security and privacy, as well as environmental, social, and economic development.

Jesse Chou, Delta’s Chief Sustainability Officer, said, “The industry-leading ESG performance scores given to Delta by DSJI further cement our status as a world-class corporate citizen with a long-term strategic focus on energy conservation and carbon reduction. We have achieved our science-based targets (SBT) ahead of schedule, and the renewable electricity we use in our operating sites around the world accounts for 55% of our total electricity consumption. Building further on this achievement, we have joined the global RE100 renewable electricity initiative and are committed to achieving 100% renewable electricity and carbon neutrality at all of our operations around the world by 2030. Through all of our collective efforts, our teams in each region have proactively moved toward the RE100 goal by in-house solar power generation and the purchase of renewable electricity directly from power plants, green electricity products, and unbundled energy attribute certificates (EACs). Delta also has a net-zero target aligned with the 1.5°C pathway, and has adopted an internal carbon pricing (ICP) mechanism as a management tool to pay an internal carbon fee of US$300 per metric ton in advance to support our plants’ energy resource management, RE100 projects, and purchases of renewable electricity. We are also motivating our divisions to invest in more advanced and innovative low-carbon technologies to explore more business opportunities.”

To satisfy our operating sites’ needs for renewable electricity, Delta has taken the lead in the industry in Taiwan to sign long-term power purchase agreements (PPAs) with wind, solar, and hydro power companies, all of which began to transmit and distribute power officially in October. As a result, the purchase rate of renewable electricity has reached as high as 80% of Delta’ operating sites in Taiwan. Among these, Delta has signed a green power wheeling agreement with Bo Yao Power Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Taya Group, that recently began to transmit and distribute renewable power to Delta with 25MW solar power facilities. It is estimated that 36 million kWh of power will be generated, enabling Delta to achieve our RE100 goal by 2030.

2023 01 02 194140

Delta is committed to providing innovative, clean, and energy-saving solutions and has established R&D centers around the world. In 2021, the Company invested 8.6% of its total revenue in innovation and R&D. The total number of patents granted globally has also accumulated to nearly 12,000. Delta was listed in the Top 100 Global Innovators published by Clarivate for the first time in 2022. Its momentum in innovation not only facilitates the development of low-carbon business opportunities but also contributes to energy conservation and carbon reduction. Between 2010 and 2021, Delta's plants around the world implemented a total of 2,517 energy-saving projects, saving a total of 314 million kWh of electricity, which is equivalent to reducing carbon emissions by 245,000 tons. The products shipped have helped its clients save 35.9 billion kWh of electricity, which is equivalent to reducing roughly 19.01 million tons of carbon emissions. The energy-saving data of 11 products, including server power supplies, solar power converters, and DC chargers for electric vehicles, which Delta has shipped since 2015, have passed the ISAE 3000 Assurance Standard successively, attesting to Delta’s achievements in helping its clients reduce carbon emissions.

Delta's board of directors recently adopted relevant policies to formally incorporate biodiversity into the company's ESG strategy to respond to the UN SDGs with practical actions and its core competency. The first phase of a coral restoration project launched in 2021, in which coral reefs were transplanted into the Bay Resource Conservation Area, was completed, and it is estimated to restore 1,000 corals ahead of schedule by the end of this year. To arouse public awareness of marine protection issues, Delta commissioned a Japanese professional team to travel to shoot 8K environmental documentaries, "Life in the Coral Reefs" and "Swimming with Humpback Whales", in the Pacific Islands; both films won the Gold Remi Awards at the 55th WorldFest - Houston International Film Festival in 2022. Delta goes all out to cultivate talents and participate in social initiatives. Its total global investment in social participation during 2021 amounted to nearly US$12 million, of which the costs of talent cultivation accounted for more than 70%. Moreover, it has engaged in a variety of industry-academia collaboration programs with about 130 schools around the world, with an annual investment of more than US$3.6 million. The DeltaMOOCx online learning platform launched by the Delta Electronics Foundation (DEF) in 2014 has accumulated more than 17 million views, from which countless students have benefited enormously.

Delta has worked to closely link sustainable development with business performance. It has included the RE100 achievement rate in the Chairman and regional top-level managers’ performance indicators since 2021. The Chairman’s performance indicators also include DJSI, CDP, and MSCI ESG, and the results are regularly reviewed. While Delta is working to achieve RE100 globally, it is committed to leading its supply chains to meet international standards, motivating them to conserve energy, and guiding them to conduct carbon inventories. In 2021, eight leading technology companies in Taiwan, including Delta, jointly launched the Taiwan Climate Partnership, and Delta's Chairman Yancey Hai was elected as its first chair at this year’s representative assembly. By working with like-minded partners in the industry on this platform, Delta aims to engage with international initiatives and organizations on a broader scale and facilitate the low-carbon transformation of supply chains to enhance their competitiveness.

Note: Please refer to the 2021 Delta Electronics ESG Report.

About Delta
Delta, founded in 1971, is a global leader in switching power supplies and thermal management products with a thriving portfolio of smart energy-saving systems and solutions in the fields of industrial automation, building automation, telecom power, data center infrastructure, EV charging, renewable energy, energy storage and display, to nurture the development of smart manufacturing and sustainable cities. As a world-class corporate citizen guided by its mission statement, “To provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow,” Delta leverages its core competence in high-efficiency power electronics and its CSR-embedded business model to address key environmental issues, such as climate change. Delta serves customers through its sales offices, R&D centers and manufacturing facilities spread over close to 200 locations across 5 continents.

Throughout its history, Delta has received various global awards and recognition for its business achievements, innovative technologies and dedication to CSR. Since 2011, Delta has been listed on the DJSI World Index of the Dow Jones Sustainability™ Indices (DJSI) for 11 consecutive years. In 2021, Delta was also recognized by CDP with leadership level ratings for its substantial contribution to climate change and water security issues and named Supplier Engagement Leader for its continuous development of a sustainable value chain.

For further information about Delta, please visit: www.deltaww.com

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