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Södra is expanding in CLT – establishes in Denmark

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Södra is now launching its complete offering for the assembly of cross-laminated timber (CLT) framing in Denmark. This is due to the high interest in Södra’s products, and it represents the first step towards an establishment of the building systems in Europe. Kenny Holm will be Marketing Manager for the business in Denmark.

Södra’s sustainable timber construction business is expanding – all the way to Denmark. Södra already operates in Denmark but is now establishing a new position in CLT across the country and expanding the existing business. This is the first step of Södra’s establishment of the business in Europe and Södra’s complete offering of CLT panels for frame assembly with complementary products and services will now be available in the Danish market.

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Large interest in the Danish market
The business will be part of the Södra Building Systems business segment, with Kenny Holm as new Marketing Manager for Denmark.

“We are seeing a large interest in Södra’s CLT outside Sweden, and Denmark is the first step in our international establishment. They have come a long way in sustainable construction and are phasing out traditional materials, mainly in favour of CLT. Moreover, Södra’s geographic location in south-west Sweden is ideal for this market. With Kenny as Marketing Manager, we will gain valuable momentum in establishing a strong market position and launching our offering,” said Urban Blomster, Head of Market and Business Development for Södra Building Systems. 

The establishment in Denmark means that Danish projects can now take advantage of Södra’s CLT building systems to create a secure, easy and efficient assembly process for large-scale construction. In addition to structural elements in CLT and glulam, Södra will now be able to offer engineered timbers for projects. All production will be carried out at Södra’s combined facilities in Varberg Municipality and other work will remain based in Sweden.

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Offering available from September
Kenny Holm, Södra Building Systems’ new Marketing Manager in Denmark, believes the new establishment has a great deal of potential and a wide range of projects are approaching.

“I’ve been working in the construction industry for many years, but developments in Denmark have moved rapidly over the past few years. While demand for CLT construction is huge, there is also a need for knowledge development. Södra is meeting this need with a complete offering for its customers. We have good dialogue with a range of stakeholders at various levels and already see a number of promising projects ahead,” he said and explained how Södra will provide assistance for Danish projects:

“In a construction project, Södra’s know-how is valuable before, during and after the process. We are more than willing to engage in discussion with property developers and architects to share our knowledge about building with timber – about the pros and cons of the material. We can also identify areas where money can be saved by making minor changes. Our support ensures that the project idea is feasible,” said Kenny Holm.

Södra will establish its complete offering for assembly of CLT framing in Denmark as of September.

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