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2021 brings market share increase for quality approved Spanish chorizo

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The British market continues to be the main destination for quality approved chorizo from the Consorcio del Chorizo Español (Spanish Chorizo Consortium), with 1.1 million kilos of Consorcio-labelled Chorizo exported to the UK in the first half of 2021. The Consorcio has now reached an excellent 22.12% market share in the UK, which means that one out of every five chorizos sold here is certified with the Consorcio del Chorizo Español seal.

  • The Spanish Chorizo Consortium is made up of 22 producers/exporters and was established in 2016.
  • The Spanish chorizo seal ensures the origin – Spain – and a unique guarantee. It certifies monitoring of the product piece by piece, creating a distinctive brand and recognition for its sale in the home market.
  • It is a 100% Spanish product: a product that is always manufactured in Spain, with 100% Spanish premium quality ingredients.
  • Chorizo of the Spanish Consortium must carry garlic and paprika, differentiating this particular sausage from other origins and other sausages. It is cured outdoors or smoked. The main base is minced pork and marinated with spices such as paprika that gives it its typical red colour. Only paprika from fruits grown, dried and milled in the Spanish territory is allowed.
  • The UK is the consortium’s largest export market, followed by France and Germany. Colombia and Canada are the most relevant outside Europe. In Europe, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Belgium and Denmark are also notable export destinations.
  • The change of administration in the US has meant that Spanish exports of cured sausage have multiplied by 5 and the number of Consortium-labelled chorizos being sent to the US has exceeded 4,000 kilos in the first half of 2021.

2021 09 01 101632The Consorcio del Chorizo Español is a voluntary association that groups companies in the Spanish meat sector, all experts in chorizo production and export, with the aim of producing and marketing authentic, high quality Spanish chorizo. All companies associated with the consortium must comply with the quality regulations and certified procedures. 

The British market alone receives more than 60% of all chorizo exported by the Consorcio, followed by France and Germany respectively. The UK is among the export markets that have grown the most for the Consorcio this year, increasing by almost 5% in comparison to the same period in 2020.

Alejandro Álvarez-Canal from the Consorcio, comments on the UK’s demand for chorizo: “The most popular type of chorizo, both globally and in the UK, is chorizo sarta (also known as chorizo ring), with the sweet, non-spicy chorizo being in greater demand. This product makes up around 90% of the Consortium-labelled chorizo that is sold in the UK.”

The Consorcio confirms there is still flexibility for Spanish exporters following Brexit, although the future is less certain: “Although the UK’s new border controls and import requirements for phytosanitary and veterinary certification for animal products are currently on hold, we are still aware of these future measures. Such regulations implicate a higher cost and means that more time must be spent on the products exported for the UK, and operators have already had to change their procedures which has in turn led to delays.”

Chorizos with the consortium seal are distinguished by their appearance, texture, aroma and taste, and their impeccable presentation. Chorizo that carries the Consorcio del Chorizo Español label is fully quality-assured and made in compliance with specific criteria in terms of traditional and authentic Spanish ingredients and production methods.

This year’s trade and consumer promotional campaign aims to position Spanish chorizo from the Consortium as a high quality, authentic product in the UK market. Campaign activity has involved trade and consumer advertising in retailer magazines, national newspapers, and online consumer recipe website Great British Chefs. All promotions have encouraged the versatility of Spanish chorizo as a product beyond its use as tapas or served with fish.

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