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SinnovaTek Announces Nomatic Precision Processing System

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Provides advanced technology for smooth food and beverage products

SinnovaTek, a leading developer and integrator of advanced food processing equipment and technology, announces the availability of the Nomatic Precision Processing System, ideal for smooth food and beverage products produced on a small scale. With a throughput range of 1-3 liters per minute (lpm), Nomatic ensures retention of nutrients, quality, color, and flavor. It is a good choice for producing baby food, sauces, fruit and vegetable purees, as well as coffee and smoothies. Featuring a portable design and small footprint, Nomatic is easy to move and can fit through a standard door. The integrated clean-in-place (CIP) system means the system is easy to clean and the user-friendly control panel ensures simple operation and control. 

Configurable for extended shelf-life (ESL), hot fill, or aseptic processing, Nomatic enables the testing of numerous product types. It can replicate a range of processes and process a wide range of viscosities, offering operators tremendous flexibility in product categories. Nomatic’s size makes it a good choice for producing small batches, as little as 5 gallons for trial purposes.

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Up to six controllable heating sections enables Nomatic to replicate the thermal processing parameters of large scale systems. The system runs on microwave energy, an electric energy source offering minimal thermal degradation of product. The entire processing system is under positive pressure during processing so there is no loss of volatile and sensitive flavors.  

To learn more, schedule a trial, or purchase a Nomatic, contact us at

About SinnovaTek

SinnovaTek is a leading developer and integrator of advanced food processing equipment and technology through its family of companies including SinnoVita and FirstWave. As a certified B corporation, SinnovaTek’s mission is to promote worldwide health and wellness by fostering the delivery of high quality, healthy foods through sustainable methods.

The SinnovaTek family of companies provides several pathways to service its customers' needs:

  • Provides high-quality continuous flow microwave processing systems and pumps to food manufacturers along with the engineering and R&D support to make them successful. 
  • SinnoVita: Provides science-backed VITERO ingredient technologies to reduce food waste and increase nutrient delivery. 
  • Provides a platform for companies to launch and test new products in a high quality aseptic format without the minimum order quantities that are normally required for a launch, enabling SinnovaTek to service customer production needs before they are ready to move to a larger scale.

SinnovaTek is passionate about finding the best solution for its customers. Learn more at

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