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Evergreen Landia Chopper Pump stands the test of time for Severn Trent

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More than a decade on since its installation, a Landia Chopper Pump is continuing to enhance the throughput at a Severn Trent pumping station that has to deal with high levels of rags.

Demonstrating the TOTEX (total expenditure) benefits of investing in equipment designed for longevity, the 18.5kW Chopper Pump has drastically reduced downtime at Powick in Worcestershire, from when traditional prop-shaft pumps and later, dry-well submersibles used to operate, but kept blocking.

Still going strong. The Landia Chopper Pump at Severn TrentStill going strong. The Landia Chopper Pump at Severn Trent

Designed with an external knife system that prevents solids from entering the unit’s casing, the Chopper Pump (invented by Landia in 1950) has in turn reduced maintenance costs, requiring only periodic replacement of its cutters, and typical routine oil changes.

Dan Hicks, Senior Technician at Severn Trent for Worcester and Malvern, said: “The Landia Chopper Pump is clearly very good quality and extremely reliable, because despite the large volumes of rag that come in from two neighbouring villages, as well as Powick itself, it gives us very good performance and is also easy to work on”.

Back in 2009, the Severn Trent team had increased the cleaning regimes at the Powick pumping station to try and give the previous equipment a helping hand, but saw that a much tougher, durable pump was needed - with the Landia MPTK-I model Chopper Pump put through its paces during an extensive 10-month trial.

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