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New laboratory makes thermal fluid testing faster

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Thermal fluid analysis is vital to monitor fluid condition and ensure that maintenance is carried out when needed to prevent unnecessary degradation, which can affect product quality, productivity and energy consumption. Thermal fluid specialist Global Heat Transfer has made thermal fluid testing and analysis faster than ever with the opening of an in-house laboratory at its Staffordshire facility.

From its new in-house laboratory, the only specialist thermal fluid testing lab in the UK, independent technicians can quickly and effectively analyse samples of thermal fluid from Global Heat Transfer’s customers. To understand fluid condition, lab technicians perform an eleven-point quality assured test, conducting checks such as carbon level and number of insoluble particles, a closed flash point test and the acidity level (TAN), which results in an expert analysis based on trend data producing an accurate thermal fluid evaluation.

Customers receive a fluid report detailing the findings, with recommendations based on a variety of factors. Global Heat Transfer’s engineers will interpret the data to give tailored advice on maintaining thermal fluid efficiency based on the individual history of your system and fluid condition. The addition of the new laboratory will allow Global Heat Transfer to provide vital recommendations faster and more effectively, allowing customers to quickly implement actions to maintain the fluid, improving heat transfer efficiency while reducing costs and the risk of downtime.

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“The opening of the new in-house laboratory will allow companies to access the same high quality of testing, with results returned much quicker,” explained Clive Jones, managing director at Global Heat Transfer. “Faster testing will allow companies to take rapid action in response to any problems identified, keeping their thermal fluid system working effectively and their employees safe.”

Frequent representative testing of heat transfer fluids while the fluid is hot and circulating allows companies to identify early warnings regarding process problems. Timely reactions to these warnings can help companies avoid replacement of costly equipment and extend the life of thermal fluid. Sampling in line with legislative requirements, including the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations (DSEAR) and the Explosive Atmosphere Directive (ATEX 137), helps to maintain a safe and efficient working environment and could even save lives.

Sampling methodology is crucial to get accurate results and correct interpretation of data is essential. The complexity of this process may seem intimidating, but the expertise of Global Heat Transfer’s engineers can simplify the process. Customers can access this sample analysis as a standalone service or as part of a Thermocare package.

If you want fast results and advice to maintain your thermal fluid efficiency, talk to experts at Global Heat Transfer on +44 (0)1785760555 or get a quote at

About Global Heat Transfer: Global Heat Transfer is a thermal fluid specialist, providing heat transfer engineering assistance and thermal fluid supplies. Services offered include sampling and analysis, 24 hour delivery of premium quality thermal fluids, system drain down / cleaning / waste management, planned maintenance programs and a broad portfolio of affiliated system design and installation services. It is part of the Global Group of companies.

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