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Gentronix adds capacity and services to market through laboratory expansion

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UK-based Contract Research Organisation (CRO) Gentronix – a leading specialist toxicology CRO – has expanded its laboratory facilities to increase capacity for genetic, ocular, and skin toxicology testing and to provide new, specialist services amidst increasing global demand.

The business’s growth has enabled it to add a further 2,300sqft to its footprint at Alderley Park in Cheshire, allowing the firm to expand its offering to provide GLP services to assess chemicals for skin and eye toxicity potential using laboratory-based test systems.

Furthermore, this expansion allows the business to increase capacity for its existing GLP and screening studies within genetic toxicology, addressing continued increased market demand for its services.

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Ocular damage and irritation tests using OECD 437 and OECD 492 studies, as well as phototoxicity testing services, are now being established directly within the new location. The new space will also enable Gentronix to expand the conduct of its in vitro 3D-skin irritation and corrosion services to full GLP compliance. These services complement the existing GLP in vitro skin sensitisation studies that the firm routinely conducts: DPRA, h-CLAT and KeratinoSensTM, offering sponsors a comprehensive battery of skin and ocular toxicity tests.

Also housed within the new space is a laboratory to support the post-life phase of Big Blue® transgenic mutation studies, acquired by the business in June 2021.  As a result, Gentronix is now equipped to support its growing client base from their very first genetic toxicology screens right through to helping them manage complex mutagenicity risk assessments, becoming one of only a handful of CROs in the world able to deliver this end-to-end service.

Managing Director at Gentronix, Matt Tate, said: “Having identified the opportunity to expand our laboratory facilities at Alderley Park, we saw this as a vital part of our growth plans, enabling us to implement important new service lines and increase existing service capacity to meet continuing growth in demand.

“The implementation of a comprehensive ocular and skin toxicology GLP service will enable Gentronix to expand our collaboration with our existing client base in the chemicals sector, as well as driving new business growth within cosmetics, consumer products and personal care markets; newer service sectors for Gentronix. Having the ability to deliver the assessment of corrosion and irritation potential for both skin and eye, and then follow those studies up with phototoxicity and sensitisation testing all at one site, with a dedicated and highly experienced scientific team, will deliver real value to our clients.”

By adding new services and increasing existing genetic toxicology service capacity to the market, Gentronix can turn around requests and testing quickly, with significant commercial advantages for clients, whilst facilitating the growth of the Gentronix business.

As a leading predictive toxicology CRO, operating from its GLP laboratory base at Alderley Park, Gentronix’s work helps develop safe products used by millions of people around the world including pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, fragrances, foods, flavours, personal care products and cosmetics.

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