Amazon Filters to reveal manganese removal success at Dwr Cymru Welsh Water Innovation Event

The use of cartridge filters to remove manganese from the municipal water supply is the focus of a presentation at the Dwr Cymru Welsh Water Innovation Event on 29 October 2020.

David Ridealgh, Marketing Manager at filter manufacturer Amazon Filters, will discuss the benefits of substituting cartridge filtration for traditional sand beds to remove the mineral.

The presentation will give an update on ongoing Welsh trials that have already indicated a potential 25% cost efficiency using cartridges.

FILTER SUCCESS. David Ridealgh, Amazon Filters Marketing Manager, is presenting at the Dwr Cymru Welsh Water Innovation Event. FILTER SUCCESS. David Ridealgh, Amazon Filters Marketing Manager, is presenting at the Dwr Cymru Welsh Water Innovation Event.

David said: “Sand beds typically entail high capital costs especially when planning treatment processes across multiple bore holes or reservoirs.

“To try a more viable solution, Welsh Water commissioned us to design a system of polymer cartridge filters.

“It involves fibres made via a computer-controlled process which accelerate the seeding of manganese clusters that can then be taken out through catalytic removal.

“Our challenge has been to ensure the filter harnesses the optimum combination of fibres, and maintains water flow alongside the usual treatment processes of chlorination and pH adjustment.

“The results have been highly encouraging, with discoloration avoided and manganese levels as low as one part per billion.

“As water companies in England and Wales look to AMP7, our trials with Welsh Water indicate how quality filtration solutions can help achieve both cost efficiencies and environmental improvements at the same time.”

Amazon Filters is the only water filter manufacturer presenting at the Innovation Event conference and exhibition, being held digitally this year due to the pandemic.

The keynote address will be given by the Chief Scientific Advisor for Wales, Professor Peter Halligan, and Ofwat’s Senior Director of Strategy and Planning, John Russell.

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