Hatching New Solutions for Boiler Corrosion: Cortec’s Brand New Boiler Egg™ Revolutionizes Boiler Startup!

Cortec® Corporation is proud to unveil its new Boiler Egg, an exciting companion to an innovative line of water treatment “animals” for corrosion protection of industrial water systems. These water treatment animals reduce the risk of extra downtime, clogging, leakage, and shortened service life that comes from corrosion. They are also some of the easiest and safest treatments to use on the market!

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Cortec’s Boiler Egg is designed to scavenge oxygen and passivate metal during the initial filling of makeup water after seasonal or long-term dry layup of boilers. The Boiler Egg comes in an easy-to-handle pouch that is readily dissolved upon water contact, releasing the active ingredients as the boiler is being filled. It protects against the threat of oxygen pitting during the critical startup phase of a boiler when the makeup water is normally not pre-heated and the operating chemical program has not yet been implemented.

2020 03 30 112713The Boiler Egg™ can be used in conjunction with the Boiler Lizard® as a complete preservation kit for dry layup of boilers, or it can be used on its own for applications where oxygen-scavenging and metal passivation are needed during the equipment startup phase. Special features of the Boiler Egg include that it is

  • Readily water soluble
  • pH neutral
  • Non-hazardous by OSHA Standard (OSHA 29 CFT 1910.1200)
  • Biodegradable

Bringing a boiler back online is a critical time for corrosion protection because of the higher threat from oxygen-rich makeup water flooding the system. The innovative Boiler Egg makes the solution simple and easy by releasing a powerful dose of oxygen scavengers when and where they are needed most. In addition to protecting the main boiler area, the Boiler Egg provides corrosion protection in other components—such as condensate, deaerator, and feedwater tanks—during initial startup.

The choice of adding Boiler Egg either at the beginning of layup or first thing when returning the boiler to service offers extreme flexibility with convenient application. No product or inner bag removal is required prior to boiler startup after the Boiler Egg has been removed from its outer bag and laid in the boiler at the lowest point possible. When the boiler is put back into service, personnel should simply fill the boiler with water and employ the common startup procedure. The PVA bag will dissolve as the boiler is filled, releasing the contents of the Boiler Egg and incorporating them into the makeup water. One Boiler Egg is designed to treat 1,000 gallons (3,800 L) of makeup water during the refilling process.

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