SOFTWARE - A new modern tube software breaks through the sound barrier of Innovations

Klaus Leistritz – Uses a 2000 year old quotation from Aristoteles on the website of a new software 

We cannot change the wind – only set the sails differently.

Within a very short time it was known that Klaus and Helga Leistritz had left TeZet Technik AG, since the owner published it on the website. To continue the history of how the first tube specialised software was developed by Klaus Leistritz based on his knowledge, experience and ability – and how it will now continue– 30 years later with new modern software called “3D TubeCAD”.

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Klaus Leistritz initially followed in his father´s footstepsand worked with him on scientific tests for the reduction of exhaust emission and engine noise in motorcars, ships and aerospace. Remember the seventies, when waves of big exhaust pipes with an extreme sound came to Europe from the United States.

So called headers or exhaust tubular systems followed for sports cars. Klaus Leistritz concentrated his efforts on the pipe run under the hood, as companies like BMW, Ferrari, Mercedes, VW etc. asked him to develop this new engine technology.

The prototype phase was a big project which continually changed, because each prototype required several changes before it was ready for production. Tubes are “living” parts that resist bending and change their bending form minimally to get back at least a bit of their primary freedom. Small emissions by the engineers setting the production criteria completed the problem; a prime example was the space defined for a screw driver - too small!

Instead of continuously modifying the bent tubes under time pressure and high work load, Klaus Leistritz thought about a tube specialised software which could solve these problems for the prototyping work by simplifying this procedures to not only save time but also material. This was 1984 – the birth of the tube software from Klaus Leistritz.

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Helga Leistritz, as journalist at his side, published the information in professional and trade journals. Her agenda was not only to inform, but also to put visions into words, to formulate complicated tube bending processes into something understandable, to work on new arguments, to make the impossible possible, to explain new definitions, to make wishful thinking a thing of the past and use visions as modules for future application possibilities in a software which had the working title “tube software” to prepare it for the future.

2004 – twenty years after the original tube software Leistritz developed his own graphic kernel and thanks to that the tube specialised software came to be a so called „standalone“ software, now a “CAD” software which means “computer aided design” and could link to other well-known industrial software packages. Klaus Leistritz surprised with a brilliant coup, changing the name from TeZet tube to TeZetCAD, and was respected as “world market leader” in the tube business. In 2005 he sold his company and his software but stayed in the company as consultant and specialist for software support for the next 8 years. He continued programming and developed new features needed by the market.

In October 2013 a stormy wind crossed his office; no-one knew where it came from and why it came. But since he cannot change the wind he set the sails differently (as Aristotle stated 2500 years ago) and started a third time from scratch. Within a very short time he coordinated programming new tube software, after all he had had everything in his head for more than 30 years in addition to new ideas which he wanted to integrate into the software sold already, but did not find the time for it. For instance the software in the much quoted „Cloud“ – a phenomenon of actual programming, but only a few programmers try use.

There are a lot of small changes and new comforts in the new 3DTubeCAD tube software – made in Germany - The „easy handling“ and the high mobility of new technologies is the flexibility of Windows 8, to which 3DTubeCAD was adapted, but it runs also under Windows 7. Pull-Down menus are no longer word commands, but icons to click on. The software does not necessarily need a computer with a key board; it runs also on a tablet computer with touchscreen – in wireless use. It is robot and freehand capable

Of course, Klaus Leistritz guarantees quick and competent support in emergency situations, as well as for maintenance and updates for this new 3DTubeCAD tube software. Furthermore he will be a personal contact person for those who have questions regarding tube software. The new modern 3DTubeCAD will be released in March 2014 – further information may be found on „“.

The software works amongst others with a new freehand measuring system, developed for measurements in spacious working areas, where the leapfrog function of most measuring systems may be too cumbersome and may less precise due to the repetitive interruption of the measurement procedure.With the Preci 3D gun it is possible to measure tactile and a with infrared fork, easy to manoeuvre with a pistol grip. The Preci 3D Scan is a laser, which is integrated into a voluminous handle. Preci 3D Robogun is specifically developed for Robot-measurement, Robot Teaching and Real Time Robot Tracking. Normal measuring arms and measuring cells can also be interfaced to 3DTubeCAD.