Youpal Group Rebranding Serves as a Digital Infrastructure Company that Facilitates and Optimises Businesses

A shared frustration for ineffective client processes and lack of quality consultants in the tech world led partners Karl Leahlander and Ruben Teijeiro to found Youpal in Sweden in 2016. With a growing international client portfolio, their partnership was later joined by their former colleague James Baker-Duly.

Since the start, Youpal has grown globally, currently operating in 8 countries across 3 continents and planning an ambitious immediate expansion. Co-founder and CEO Karl Leahlander says, “As our revenue grew 900% during the 2018-2019 period and 2,000% within the last 12 months, it is safe to say that the aim is high for the future and growth is our focus going forward”.

The company’s involvement with large, high-tech, innovative organisations such as XShore - for whom they developed state of the art solutions in both IoT and device control, is a proof of Youpal’s continuous growth and ambition.

2020 11 03 095509Youpal Group Rebranding Serves as a Digital Infrastructure Company that Facilitates and Optimises Businesses

Youpal quickly outgrew its initial focus on IT into other verticals with the common goal to create a business transformation roadmap with a base in true digital infrastructure. This collective of businesses is now rebranding under the umbrella brand Youpal Group. The group embraces digital implementation, strategy and tactical partnership, creating a disruptive culture and promoting a philosophy that endorses digital.

According to co-founder and CTO Ruben Teijeiro, “Our implication in multiple tech communities has given Youpal the opportunity to understand how people from diverse groups are able to join forces and solve common problems effectively. This community-driven approach is part of the company's culture. At the group, we believe in our creative and talented people and encourage them to be part of our journey.” This means facilitation and lead disruption at its core: when culture and the right digital architecture are in place, it is possible to enable a desired outcome.

James Baker-Duly, the tactical enabler behind the Youpal Group’s digital infrastructure, states that “the build orchestrates how the group can allow duality of operations and continuous innovation allowing a technology-agnostic synergy flow, with automation and ease of transfer being key differentiators - the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.”

Youpal Group is a beyond-agile business facilitator that is passionate about innovation, technology and society and offers data-driven solutions. Its main strategy is to constantly adapt to ever-changing customer behaviour, market disruptions, operational challenges and business optimisation. Its projects align stakeholders around a common focus to define purpose and future direction, establishing co-innovation strategies and identifying tech-agnostic solutions and talent sourcing, presenting the infrastructure that facilitates for various business domains. This aim is both for internal projects as for the clients Youpal Group serves as an organisation.

Youpal was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 2016, founded by 2 tech innovators, Karl Leahlander and Ruben Teijeiro. They were later joined by former colleague James Baker-Duly and have since grown from strength to strength. Now the Youpal Group is the mothership of a conglomerate of several companies spanning 8 different countries, (Sweden, Netherlands, Ukraine, Russia, Hungary, Spain, United Kingdom, and UAE), with some more territories in their sights for the future.

Youpal Group is a digital infrastructure company that drives business synergy within a range of areas from IT/ ICT consulting, Cloud Infrastructure, Medtech & Telemedicine to Media and Communications, Compliance, Legal, and Education.

Youpal Group offers the roadmap to the right solutions for all digital challenges in a coherent and transparent way. It is a beyond-agile, technology-agnostic group that strives to develop the quickest and most cost-effective route to solve the most complex of issues within its free-spirited culture, hence helping create a smarter, better, and more accessible future for all.