Open the office door with your smartphone: Technopolis enters mobile access era with IDcontrol

UMA Workspace, the co-working concept by Technopolis, implements a mobile-based access solution in partnership with IDcontrol. The solution has been installed in the first locations in the Nordic and Baltic countries, and a new locations will be available soon elsewhere in Europe. Flexible mobile access has been greeted enthusiastically by users of UMA Workspaces, and modern access solutions are expected to be more common in the future.

UMA Workspace is a network of international, flexible community work spaces in the Nordic countries and countries around the Baltic Sea. Currently such locations are available in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark, and in Estonia and Lithuania of the Baltic countries. The UMA Workspace concept consist of flexibly rentable, high-quality office and collaboration facilities for companies of all sizes.

A flexible location concept requires an equally flexible and modern access solution. Mobile access takes place by means of a smartphone application. With the application, you not only make the reservation but also open the doors.

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"For us, the most important aspect in the mobile key, in addition to being digital, is that it's very easy to use. You no longer need keys or access cards. Because this is a pioneering solution, we wanted to have a partner that can not only provide the technical solution but also to build a new kind of implementation on a tight schedule. We wanted a partner that we can genuinely trust. IDcontrol has provided all of this and we are extremely happy with our cooperation," says Technopolis Chief Information Officer Risto Kivisilta, who’s in charge of the mobile access project.

Solution with great promise

Modern mobile access has been received enthusiastically. It has been praised not only because it's flexible and easy to use but also because an application-based solution seems so natural.

“Our customers and users of UMA Workspaces are modern professionals who value reliable, new digital tools and the superior user experience they bring. I believe that mobile access will in any case be a more popular solution, especially for rental spaces like ours," says Kivisilta.

Mobile access to all UMA Workspaces 

In the years to come, all UMA Workspaces will be installed with the IDcontrol mobile access solution. 

"The technical solution for mobile access for various locations has been available from us for some time already, and this extensive package used in a number of places internationally shows that our technology is solid. The mobile access solution for UMA Workspace serves as a good example and will certainly pave the way to many mobile access solutions for rental premises in the future," says IDcontrol’s Managing Director Markku Raitanen.

Additional information

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