Sulzer brings skills and advice to California summit

Sulzer attended and was a sponsor of the 8th annual Manufacturers’ Council Summit of the Inland Empire, which was held at the Riverside Convention Center, CA. The annual summit supports manufacturing companies based in the Inland Empire, Southern California, where visitors took part in topical discussions and attended the innovation awards ceremony.

During the day, attendees visited the exhibitor hall, where manufacturing experts, such as Sulzer, were on hand to discuss services they offer as well as advice on taking up apprenticeships.

Sulzer specializes in motor and generator rewinds.Sulzer specializes in motor and generator rewinds.

Speakers at the summit offered advice on leadership and innovative ways of attracting new talent to the industry. Those attending the break-out sessions heard about ways to develop apprenticeship schemes and address any skills gaps in their business. The council works closely with colleges and schools in the area to widen the understanding of jobs in the engineering and manufacturing sectors.

Sulzer offers local support for motor repairs as well as motor control systems that can improve productivity and reduce operating costs. The extensive network of service centers has recently been expanded with Sulzer’s acquisition of Brithinee Electric. With expert advice, experienced designers and precision manufacturing facilities, Sulzer service centers offer cutting-edge solutions for modern industry.

Wallace Brithinee and Rod Hoover, both of whom were presented with the Gus Whalen award for inspiration in manufacturing.Wallace Brithinee and Rod Hoover, both of whom were presented with the Gus Whalen award for inspiration in manufacturing.

Jim Mugford, President and Global Head of Sulzer’s Electro Mechanical Services, said: “This summit brings together some of the leading lights to offer invaluable advice and support for local manufacturing companies. In addition, it recognizes the creativity and innovative design of manufacturers in the region with the presentation of the E=MC2 awards.”

As part of the awards ceremony, the board presented the Gus Whalen Inspiration Award in memory of one of the leaders of the organization who did so much to promote its aims and develop the summit. This year’s recipient was Wallace Brithinee, whose family has provided four annual scholarships at his old college and continues to promote manufacturing and inspire the next generation.

Both Sulzer and Brithinee Electric offer considerable expertise in rewinding motors and generators.Both Sulzer and Brithinee Electric offer considerable expertise in rewinding motors and generators.

Wallace Brithinee, Chair, Manufacturers’ Council of the Inland Empire, comments: “This is our eighth annual event. It allows us to highlight the successes that manufacturers have created in our region, so that we can learn from them. It also allows students at a variety of levels to rub elbows with people of industry. And, members of the educational community interact with industry leaders to develop strategies to create a strong workforce.”

About Sulzer:

Sulzer is the leading worldwide, independent service provider for the repair and maintenance of rotating machines including turbomachinery, pumps and electro-mechanical equipment. With a global network of over 180 technically advanced manufacturing and test facilities, Sulzer offers a collaborative advantage that delivers high-quality, cost-effective, customized and turnkey solutions, providing its customers with the peace of mind to focus on their core operations.

Sulzer Rotating Equipment Services, a division of Sulzer, can accommodate all brands of rotating equipment including turbines, compressors, generators, motors and pumps. With an enviable track record, dedicated teams of on-site engineers provide best-in-class solutions to ensure that the most effective service is delivered.

Sulzer is dedicated to providing superior service solutions to a range of industries including power generation, oil and gas, hydrocarbon and chemical processing, water and air separation. Every solution is customized to suit the business needs of each application – whenever or wherever that may be.

With a long history of providing engineering service support, Sulzer is headquartered in Winterthur, Switzerland where it began in 1834. Today, with sales over US$ 3 billion and with approximately 14,000 employees, the Sulzer footprint spans across the globe. The core aim is to deliver a flexible and cost-effective service that optimizes customer operational efficiency and minimizes downtime.

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