Discover the future of automation

~  Event will showcase automation issues from manufacturing intelligence to cybersecurity ~

Industrial automation expert Novotek is hosting an event demonstrating and discussing the future of automation on October 11, 2018 at Hilvaria Studios, Hilvarenbeek, The Netherlands. Novotek’s future of automation event will cover a range of subjects related to the industry, encompassing everything from manufacturing intelligence and data visualisation to securing industrial processes and the role of machine learning in industrial plant management and maintenance. Registration for the event is now open on the Novotek website.

The event will help plant managers and systems integrators understand what is achievable with advanced automation and industrial control systems through a series of talks and discovery workshops.

Novotek will showcase the potential of automation systems, with use stories from several guest speakers explaining their automation and digitalisation strategies. In addition, the event will also feature systems integrators, experts from Novotek and spokespeople from automation product providers such as GE and Kepware, all offering technical insight into the future of automation.

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Among these guest speakers will be key figures from chocolate manufacturer Barry Callebaut, who will discuss the company’s operational technology (OT) security strategy, and aloe vera product provider Forever Living’s distribution centre Forever Direct, which will explain the value of visualisation technology for VAL / VAS planning and production.

“Most industrial businesses across Europe already use automation to some extent in their factories,” explained Kees Lambregts, business development manager at Novotek. “However, automation technologies have evolved over the years and redefined what is possible. Something like a legacy SCADA system is incomparable to a modern SCADA, which can now incorporate functionality such as voice control for more versatile usage.

“The future of automation event is about leading a discussion in what is possible and what the challenges will be in the next few years. For example, cybersecurity of industrial systems and overall equipment effectiveness are two of the biggest talking points in the industry currently and the issues surrounding them will only grow in the coming years.”

The future of automation event will take place from 09:00–16:30, with lunch included, on October 11, 2018 at Hilvaria Studios, Hilvarenbeek, The Netherlands. Industrial plant managers, engineers and system integrators interested in attending the event can register on the Novotek website.