Savision Announces Unified Monitoring of IT Data at Microsoft Ignite 2017.

Savision ( has just announced major new product launches and updates that bring users dramatically more unified monitoring of IT data—both within Microsoft System Center Operations Manager and Microsoft Operations Management Suite and beyond.

2017 09 28 172801Over recent years—and even months—IT data has become increasingly decentralized. More objects, apps, and systems to monitor means more potential problems—and different ways for those problems to show up. This decentralization causes strain throughout the organization as well as increased costs.

Today’s announcements from Savision help solve these issues.

Introducing Savision iQ—the single pane of glass for all IT data

With the proliferation of apps, devices, networking systems, and countless other ways that IT data can be used, stored, and transferred, organizations that depend on the efficient management of that data can easily become swamped by the needs to manage all the diversity. The revolutionary new Savision iQ solution addresses that with the fastest and most efficient universal IT data monitoring and reporting system available. iQ normalizes data from any source—from the familiar to the wildly obscure. Its unique design gathers enormous amounts of data from any number of sources, unifies it, analyzes it, and delivers it in a single pane-of-glass view, customized to any role in the organization. iQ transforms any data into digestible, actionable information customized to improve business outcomes for any role in the organization—from CEO to IT help.

[“No matter which system,” says Rob Doucette, Chief Technology Officer, Savision, “Savision iQ is agnostic to the source. It brings multiple kinds of data together and normalizes them for faster, more efficient resolution of issues. Where several different resources may have had to respond to an alert before just to establish what was going on, iQ will help pinpoint where the issue is, and streamline response into a single dashboard. That’s a ‘holy wow’ moment!”]

Savision iQ will be available for further information, view, and demo at Microsoft Ignite 2017 (Sept. 25–29), booth #1113.

Live Maps— the industry leader brings more power to your infrastructure / Microsoft System Center dashboard

For ten years, Live Maps has been the leader in IT operational dashboards and analytics. Now, it is announcing several updates that will enable IT professionals to manage the burgeoning expansion of IT data. With reduced login time and a faster, smoother data pull and display, users and administrators now get a better, quicker experience. In addition, Live Maps is announcing a number of other upgrades that make more types of IT data easier to access and act on:

Import Microsoft Operations Management Suite data into custom Live Maps dashboards. Live Maps has overcome the challenge of monitoring data and alerts seamlessly with a new widget that pulls the power of the Cloud directly into your on-premises solution.

View anything written in PowerShell in a Live Maps dashboard with the new PowerShell Widget. Any data you can imagine in PowerShell, you can now see in Live Maps—from websites to apps—the PowerShell Widget lets you visualize it.

Manage all alerts in a single dashboard. The Alert Management Dashboard allows you to search, filter, and take action on incoming alerts from a single dashboard.

See in-depth details on any monitored object on a single screen. The new Object Explorer gives you customizable summaries of any object in Microsoft System Center Operations Manager—any data from IP address, performance metrics, rules and monitors to active alerts. This update gives everyone from admins to helpdesk a one-stop shop to dive deep into your objects.

All this makes Live Maps the must-have for reduced IT service interruptions and faster adoption of critical data into daily processes.

Savision continues to add value for IT data professionals by making core elements of the job easier, smarter, and faster.

Attendees of the Ignite conference in Orlando (Sept. 25–29) can see live demonstrations, get access to the product, and discuss all these new capabilities with the team at the Savision Live Maps booth (#1262).

About Savision

Savision products provide the best ways to see and act on complex business information. Crystal-clear views for every role in every industry that uses data. And that’s every industry. Savision Live Maps and iQ are the leaders in delivering clear, focused information needed to run today’s highly complex business systems, and they’re just the start. With over 900 clients worldwide, including from the Fortune 500, Savision sees a world where information—any information—can be organized and delivered to empower unbelievable leaps in the world of business and beyond.