Fieldbus Foundation spec for ISA100.11a transducer block

The Fieldbus Foundation has issued a Foundation fieldbus Preliminary Specification (PS) addressing fieldbus transducer blocks for ISA100.11a wireless devices.

As part of the Foundation for Remote Operations Management (ROM) solution implementing wireless and remote I/O, the new technical specification defines a fieldbus transducer block used within Foundation for ROM devices to communicate with ISA100.11a instruments.

This also describes the method for configuring tools and asset-managing hosts to access ISA100.11a devices, as well as structures to identify and maintain device status in ISA100.11a networks connected to Foundation for ROM devices.

The new transducer block specification is designed to enable automation end users to interface ISA100.11a devices to Foundation fieldbus for better integration with a control system, or with Foundation devices.

The technology also supports a networked method for asset-managing hosts to access an installed base of ISA100.11a devices for configuration and maintenance purposes.

According to the FF, HSE provides an efficient way to bring large concentrations of discrete and analog field I/O from modular devices back to the control room using a high-speed HSE connection.

Employing HSE equipment functioning like a smart remote terminal unit (RTU), the technology brings all forms of conventional I/O into the native fieldbus environment easily, the organisation added.

This makes discrete I/O, analog I/O, H1 fieldbus, HART and WirelessHART available over common TCP/IP networks, while the new ISA100.11a transducer block further expands the integration of process instrumentation within a Foundation control system infrastructure.

Within the Foundation architecture, H1 and HSE provide a distributed function block capability with HSE serving as a larger pipeline offering increased speed and throughput.

The Foundation for ROM development expands these capabilities by establishing open, non-proprietary specifications for a wired or wireless HSE backhaul network integrating various wireless Foundation for ROM devices with interfaces to wireless field device networks.