Resistor manufacturer improves production through extensive testing

~ Cressall researches expanded mesh and punched grid technologies ~

Power resistor manufacturer, Cressall is undertaking a testing project to determine the best resistor technology to standardise upon. The two resistor types being evaluated are expanded mesh and high power resistor (HPR) grid. Standardisation will allow Cressall to continue to provide bespoke products while decreasing lead times and meeting customer demands. 

The ongoing project will engage several business areas, including engineering, sales and production. The comparison will be made by drawing upon extensive experience in electrical and thermal testing, 3D modelling, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and finite element analysis (FEA).

The project is being conducted alongside company-wide improvement to Cressall’s internal production process, increasing its responsiveness to the requirements of the marketplace.

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“By conducting this project, Cressall will have a more streamlined product offering, allowing the quotation, design and production phases to be shorter,” explained Andrew Keith, engineering director at Cressall.

“Naturally, the time taken to finalise technical specifications for bespoke products is longer than off-the-shelf solutions, which can sometimes increase pressure during the following stages. By standardising sub-assemblies and using modular construction we can free up resources, allowing us to support our customers with their specific product requirements.”

High power, high voltage resistors contain elements manufactured from a wide variety of stainless steel alloys, allowing Cressall to accurately match electrical, mechanical, thermal and environmental requirements to the application.

Each resistor element is better suited to some applications than others. By producing over a dozen different resistor element types, Cressall offers bespoke solutions for almost any power control requirement.

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