Comau and Siemens launch a common portfolio named “sinumerik run myrobot /direct control”.

2017 09 15 114150Comau, a leading global company in the development and implementation process and technology solutions for sustainable automation and production, has joined forces with Siemens to meet the growing interest in Industry 4.0 digitalization solutions. Leveraging Comau’s wide range of robot arms and Siemens’ smart solutions for handling and processing with robots, the companies have developed a dedicated portfolio for the full integration of Comau robotic arms into the Siemens SINUMERIK system. Through this technology, the SINUMERIK control can be used as a stand-alone robot controller without the need for external or embedded robot controllers.

  • Comau’s robotic arms are fully integrated into the Siemens SINUMERIK CNC
  • Under the name “SINUMERIK Run MyRobot /Direct Control” Comau and Siemens integrate the robot seamlessly into the CNC machine environment
  • “SINUMERIK Run MyRobot /Direct Control” increases efficiency and overall productivity; it leverages the advantages of a single CNC (SINUMERIK) concept
  • Machine builders and users are able to engineer and operate a robot within the well-known Human Machine Interface of SINUMERIK, thereby reducing the cost for additional resources and training

At EMO 2017 the visitors will have the opportunity to witness how the integrated Comau robot, as digital twin, is easily operated from the SINUMERIK.

Applications, including: additive manufacturing, tape laying, fiber placement, machining with robots, nondestructive testing and more, can now be easily and cost-effectively deployed by companies of all sizes. In addition, the commitment to open-engineering by both companies is mirrored by the openness of the SINUMERIK system, which allows the implementation of customized features even at a level of high application complexity.

A worldwide leader in industrial automation technologies, Comau’s solutions are designed to help companies improve their competitiveness and achieve their manufacturing goals. Joint development activities and technology partnerships, such as the collaboration agreement with Siemens, are solid examples of Comau’s on-going commitment to innovation and its advanced approach to collaborative, digital manufacturing.

About Comau:

Comau, a member of the FCA Group, is a worldwide leader in delivering advanced industrial automation solutions that integrate products, technologies and services to help companies of all sizes increase plant efficiency while lowering operating costs and optimizing returns. Headquartered in Turin, Italy, Comau has over 40 years of factory-proven experience, and an international network of 35 locations, 15 manufacturing plants and 5 innovation centers that span 17 countries and employ more than 9,000 people. With a strong focus on innovation, Comau is committed to developing competency through the formation of individuals and groups as part of its open automation approach. Comau is driving the future of production automation by engineering lean and sustainable solutions and products. Its modular, flexible and highly-configurable products can be tailored to meet the needs of each individual customer. Through the continuous development of products and services, Comau is able to lead the automation industry in every phase of a project - from design, implementation and installation, to production start-up and maintenance services. Its comprehensive offering includes manufacturing and assembly solutions, powertrain machining, robotics and asset maintenance services for a wide range of industrial sectors.