Scottish Water getting more from its mobiles

Scottish Water is transforming the way its field operatives collect, view and edit asset-related data: using a new software system in way that enhances the level of information provided by tablet devices.

In the past, the company concedes that it was less than effective at gathering and processing data from across its network – hence this area is now a big priority for investment.
"This has been an area where performance was very poor," said a company spokesman. "Most asset records including those from WTWs and WWTWs were held on site and were not shared throughout the business to make investment and maintenance planning decisions in a structured way."

To address these issues, the company invested in tablet devices utilising Affinity Fieldreach software from AMT-SYBEX, the utility's spokesman said in a written statement to PI Match.

While the original intention of the software was to send data to field operatives, Scottish Water identified that with some development it could be used to also feed essential data about water and wastewater infrastructure back into the business.

Scottish Water's 'transformation' team worked with AMT-SYBEX to realise this vision by developing a system that uses rugged, field-ready tablet devices and Affinity Fieldreach software.

The aim, said the spokesman, was to give field operatives detailed data while they are working on-site ...

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