Yamato introduces next-day delivery on genuine spare parts

Yamato Scale Dataweigh UK has launched a standard next-day delivery service on genuine spare parts for its ranges of multihead weighers and checkweighers.

Genuine Yamato spare parts are superior in quality to non-genuine parts. They enable engineers to service and repair automatic weighing machines to high standards of quality and reliability.

“There is an increasing market for 'pirate' or non-genuine parts for weighing machines, multihead weighers and checkweighers used in processing plants of all kinds,” said Andrea Spencer, commercial operations manager at Yamato Scale Dataweigh UK.

2017 04 26 085230Yamato is offering next-day delivery on all its genuine spare parts from stock.

“Under-pressure plant managers often opt for cheaper pirate parts but there are very good reasons why this practice should be avoided as an example of false economy.

“We are now reinforcing the benefits of genuine parts by providing standard next-day delivery on Yamato spares from stock at no extra cost to the customer. This will help our customers to save money by reducing downtime caused by parts failure and scheduled maintenance.”

If a pirate part is being installed there is no guarantee that the component, which may have minute differences to genuine parts, will run effectively. Failure of the pirate part may involve consequential damage to connected components resulting in wider damage and associated costs.

Getting genuine spare parts more quickly will help solve this problem. Keeping an inventory of genuine spare parts guarantees security, quality, performance and longevity.

Yamato’s Paul Ingall said: “When choosing between original parts or corresponding copy products you need to assess both the costs of the parts and the risks associated with their use.

“These costs are not only those related to the individual part but also include the labour for the interruption to service and the machine downtime which can be caused by premature failure. Getting parts within a day of needing them will help to cut downtime and costs.”

For more information on next-day delivery, please contact Paul Ingall on 0113 322 1546 or email