Portable gas analyser from AMETEK Land for gas CHP, utilities, cement, glass, paper, pipelines, refineries

AMETEK Land, a leading industrial combustion efficiency and environmental pollution emissions monitoring specialist, has made its Lancom 4 Portable Gas Analyser even more affordable with a Euro price reduction following Britain’s vote to exit the European Union.

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Lancom 4 is renowned as the world’s most versatile and accurate portable flue gas analyser whether for testing a boiler system or checking a process for a pollutant. The analyser is able to monitor up to nine different gases and a total of 17 measurement parameters using a single instrument. And, it has the ability to data log up to 250,000 records.

“We are delighted to make this popular product even more affordable by passing on savings post Brexit for customers purchasing in Euros through our offices in Germany, France, Spain and Italy.  We are continually innovating within our ranges to ensure that we deliver the most advanced features and software to remain at the forefront of the market, whilst keeping prices competitive.  Our aim is to provide even greater access to the most accurate information to make gas analysis as comprehensive as possible,” notes Derek Stuart, Global CE Product Manager for AMETEK Land.

Widely used across industries, including gas CHP (combined heat and power) plants, utilities, cement kilns, glass, paper mills, pipelines and refineries, the Lancom 4 analyser is renowned for its convenience and ease of use. A user simply switches on the analyser, allowing it to complete an automatic zero calibration, and it is ready for use.

Lancom 4 offers built-in data capture and storage of measurement data, plus a USB connection to download the data to a laptop or a PC. In addition, the product recently was updated with free Insight data acquisition software, a powerful tool that allows users to interface their analyser with a PC for remote control and data logging. Insight offers graphing and analysis tools for data visualisation and reporting purposes, providing even easier access to data. 

The Lancom 4 features Wake and Sleep functions, which allow measurements and data logs to be recorded over an extended period. It also is supplied with a rugged carry case as standard, ensuring that the instrument is protected at all times when in use.

In addition, upgrading to Lancom 4 has been made much easier. Hardware items, such as external printers or analogue output modules, can simply be plugged in, with no firmware configuration needed. This means that these items can be fitted in the field, avoiding the need to return the instrument to the factory.

Extremely compact and portable, the Lancom 4 weighs only 6 kg / 13 lb and can easily be carried around a plant, even allowing trouble-free access to remote locations via ladders or gantry work. It is also highly robust and ideal for daily use in harsh industrial environments.

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