iXblue launches the Phins Compact Family, offering a full range of INS for all AUV types

With Phins C3, C5 & C7 range, iXblue is now providing fully scalable systems that cover all inertial navigation needs for any size of AUV. Based on iXblue’s silent true solid state Fiber-Optic Gyroscope technology, the Phins Compact Family guarantees high accuracy, unrivalled reliability and proved robustness.

The iXblue’s Phins Compact Family has been designed to offer the AUV industry players the ability to choose an inertial navigation system adapted to their vehicle, whatever their size and mission, from accurate navigation to survey grade. Based on iXblue’s unique Fiber-Optic Gyroscope Technology, Phins C3, C5 & C7 are fully scalable systems with a similar architecture and interface. Available as an OEM version, the three products all include the same algorithm and software, which enables seamless re-use of the control system on any vehicles’ sizes or types, via modern interfaces such as Ethernet, helping to reduce integration and non-recurring costs.

ixblue phins compact family

Based on iXblue’s IMU 50, Phins C3 is a brand-new inertial system designed for man portable AUVs, with a small and light structure, mostly for shallow water applications. Currently being assessed by the world’s leading AUV manufacturers, the system has proven efficient, reliable and secure. The performance of Phins C5 (ex Rovins 154, IMU 90-based) has already convinced many customers around the world who have been operating the system for their current applications. On the basis of the well-established Phins Surface INS, Phins C7 (IMU 120) has been optimized for a better AUV integration: now smaller and more practical, the system also includes the best suitable connector solution.

The Phins Compact Family benefits from the unrivalled performance of the Fiber-Optic Gyroscope Technology: the silent-true, low consumption, solid-state and strap-down inertial systems enable stealth autonomous navigation, providing very accurate heading, roll, pitch, speed and position. With a MTBF up to 100,000 hours and with no need for preventive maintenance, the systems guarantee high levels of reliability and robustness. Phins C3, C5 & C7 are ITAR-free, dual-use systems and are all compatible with DELPH INS post-processing software to achieve ultimate survey accuracy.

Paul Wysocki, iXblue Inertial Product Manager, is delighted: “Working in iXblue for 15 years now, I can remember the first AUV which were equipped by the Group. Offering a full range of INS for all AUV existing types represents a great achievement for the company today. Thanks to our trusted expertise, our passion for innovation, driven by our customers’ needs, we are happy to provide both the military & offshore markets saving-cost INS adapted to their AUV requirements. Perspectives truly are getting larger for this growing AUV market!”

About iXblue
iXblue is a leading global provider of innovative solutions and services for navigation, positioning and imaging. Civil and Defense customers rely on its systems, operations and services for the challenges they face at sea, on land, in the air or in space. Based on its 30 years of expertise, iXblue achieves 15–20% growth every year, with 80% of its business taking place in more than 30 countries around the world. The Group can count on full value-chain expertise: all of its systems are produced internally, from design to manufacturing. Its success is especially informed by its French know-how, from its engineering offices to its production workshops.