OMNOVA Solutions Sells India Rubber Manufacturing Business To Apcotex Industries

India remains a key growth market for OMNOVA's specialty polymer latices and resins

In order to put greater focus on its strategic priorities of growing its specialty businesses and improving margins in its traditional core businesses, OMNOVA Solutions (NYSE: OMN) have just announced the sale of its India rubber manufacturing business to India-based Apcotex Industries Limited. The transaction includes the Valia, India manufacturing plant and its associated product lines: acrylonitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) in bale form, high styrene rubber masterbatches, and NBR-PVC polyblends.

Importantly, OMNOVA Solutions will maintain its sales office in Mumbai to manage the continued growth of the Company's specialty polymers in the Indian market through imports from other OMNOVA facilities in Asia, Europe and North America.

"This plant and the three small rubber product lines were part of our acquisition of the Eliokem global specialty polymers business. They had few synergies with the rest of the OMNOVA product portfolio," explained Kevin McMullen, OMNOVA Solutions' Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. "This divestiture allows us to place greater focus on our previously stated strategic priorities, including the acceleration of growth in our specialty businesses, such as specialty coatings, nonwovens, oil and gas additives, elastomeric modifiers, construction materials, laminates/films, and coated fabrics.

omnova logo"While the Valia plant business was not core to OMNOVA, the Indian market remains important to us," emphasized McMullen. "India presents exciting opportunities to grow the more strategic specialty chemicals and additives that we are currently selling into that market: specialty coatings, reinforcing resins, tire cord latex, elastomeric modifiers, antioxidants, and products for oil & gas drilling. We will maintain a sales and market development office in Mumbai, and we plan to leverage our manufacturing and technology capabilities on three continents to remain a strong supplier of differentiated solutions to India and the surrounding region." 

The India rubber manufacturing business was sold to Apcotex under a share purchase agreement for cash proceeds of approximately US$5 million. For fiscal 2015, the business generated approximately US$28.2 million in sales and reported a net loss of US$0.4 million. The sale is not expected to have any material impact on OMNOVA's operating income for 2016.

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