Swedish Paper Mill Safety Supported by SIPOS

Via its Agent in Sweden, Erichs Armatur AB, SIPOS Aktorik has supplied uninterruptible power supply (UPS) enabled actuators to the Södra Cell Morrum paper mill to aid control of main raw water intake processes. The contract reinforces SIPOS’ expertise providing fail-safe actuation solutions for high levels of operational safety.

2014-09-30 190218 sodra morrum1

The mill’s product range comprises long and short-fibre, plus textile pulp. With an annual production capacity of 460,000 tonnes, it is a significant exporter of pulp topaper mills in Europe, where it is converted into paper products. At full capacity, 170,000 tons of hardwood textile pulp is exported to mills in Asia.

Commenting on how SIPOS actuators, combined with UPS Systems, have provided safe and economic valve control solutions across a range of sectors for over ten years, Gerda Noelp, an International Sales Manager for SIPOS Aktorik said:

“At SIPOS we are aware that high safety requirements should be met as efficiently as possible: we therefore provide integrated frequency converters as standard, which means that our actuators are ideally suited for use with UPS systems. Advantages include variable output speed capability which minimises water hammer and reduces valve damage.”

2014-09-30 190218 sodra morrum2

Local support is central to SIPOS’ service and technical regional representatives handled the commissioning, including mounting the company’s actuators onto DN 600 butterfly valves.

Other UPS installations for SIPOS include pump stations in Colorado, Poland, Finland and Denmark; wastewater treatment in Sweden and surface water flood control in Denmark.

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