Rea Magnet Wire to launch enhanced inverter-duty solution at CWIEME Chicago

The world’s largest magnet wire manufacturer, Rea Magnet Wire, will use CWIEME Chicago 2014 to launch Nanoshield – the market’s most new important product of late – to the electrical and electronics industries. This new corona-resistant magnet wire provides exceptional resistance to voltage spikes inherent in variable frequency drives (VFDs).

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This fall Rea Magnet Wire will join hundreds of other suppliers from across the USA, Canada and Mexico at the DE Stephens Convention Center for CWIEME Chicago, the Americas’ largest exhibition, conference and networking event for the coil-winding and electro-magnetic industries. The star of Rea Magnet Wire’s booth (no. 1121) will be its new Nanoshield product.

Nanoshield magnet wire is a three-coat system, consisting of a base coat of THEIC-modified polyester, a nano-particle shield coat and a polyamide-imide top coat. The smaller microstructure of the Nanoshield enamel allows particles to move as the wire is stretched and flexed, improving toughness and flexibility. This increases the pulse endurance and scrape resistance of the wire, lengthening the service life of both the wire and the motor it helps drive.

“Last year’s CWIEME Chicago was a great success for Rea Magnet Wire. We had a diverse group of Rea personnel from several plant locations, encompassing customer service, sales and engineering staff. We were able to meet and network with a wide range of professionals from across the electric motor, automotive and transformer industries,” says Mitchell Steffen, distributor account manager at Rea Magnet Wire.

Greater product offering

This year Rea Magnet Wire is returning with an even larger booth to showcase not only the new Nanoshield inverter-duty magnet wire, but its entire product range. The company will also introduce customers to its new mobile app and demonstrate the functionality of its new user-friendly website.

“The market for magnet wire is very mature, and while it may be shrinking in some sectors, it’s certainly growing in others. In particular, we’ve experienced a strong surge in demand from the automotive industry, thanks to the increasing popularity of electric-hybrid vehicles. Our new product development activities also continue to strengthen our leadership position in the motor and transformer industries,” says Steffen.

For customers in the transformer industry, Rea Magnet Wire offers MagneFlex®, an advanced polymer-based magnet wire coating on an aluminum conductor, which serves as a more efficient alternative to Formvar® insulation. Rea Magnet Wire also offers CTC, a specialized multi-conductor cable that can help reduce eddy current losses in transformers. CTC is fabricated in a clean room environment with the highest strand count in the industry.

Rea Magnet Wire will be accompanied at CWIEME Chicago by several of its distributors, EIS (booth no. 1023), EMID (booth no. 1123) and Denizen (booth no. 900), as well as enamels supplier Elantas PDG (booth no. 1205), which is responsible for the shield coat in Rea Magnet Wire’s new Nanoshield product.

Steffen concludes: “We are really looking forward to meeting with our current and potential new customers at CWIEME Chicago, and working with our strategic suppliers like Elantas to discuss new applications. One thing is for sure, between us we will definitely have the right resources available to answer any questions visitors may have.”

CWIEME Chicago – The Americas’ biggest showcase for the coil winding and electro-magnetic industry

Dates: September 30 – October 1, 2014
Venue: DE Stephens Convention Center, Chicago
Opening times: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Admission: Free

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