North America power industry contracts down 23% in August 2020

North America power industry contracts activity in August 2020 saw 55 contracts announced, marking a drop of 23% over the last 12-month average of 71, according to GlobalData’s power database.

North America power industry contracts in August 2020: The US leads activity

2017 04 20 114457Looking at contracts by country, the US led the activity in August 2020 with 43 contracts and a share of 78.2%, down 6.6% over the previous month and down 31% when compared with the last 12 month-average, followed by Canada with nine contracts and a share of 16.4% and Mexico with two contracts and a share of 3.6% during the month.

Looking at the last 12-month average, the US held the top spot with 62 contracts, followed by Canada with five and Mexico with two contracts.

Solar is top technology area for contracts in August 2020

Looking at contracts divided by the type of technology, solar accounted for the largest proportion with 22 contracts and a 48.9% share, followed by wind with 13 contracts and a 28.9% share and thermal with seven contracts and a 15.6% share.

Looking at power industry contracts divided by segment in North America as tracked by GlobalData, Electricity Procurement was the most popular segment in August 2020, with 19 contracts, followed by Generation Equipment (17) and Power Plant (8).

The proportion of contracts by category tracked by GlobalData in the month was as follows:

  • Supply & Erection: 20 contracts and a 36.4% share
  • Power Purchase Agreement: 16 contracts and a 29.1% share
  • Project Implementation: 11 contracts and a 20% share
  • Repair, Maintenance, Upgrade & Others: four contracts and a 7.3% share
  • Electricity Supply: three contracts and a 5.5% share
  • Consulting & Similar Services: one contract and a 1.8% share. 

Power contracts in August 2020: Top issuers by capacity

The top issuers of contracts for the month in terms of power capacity involved in North America were:

  • Kineticor Resource (Canada): 900MW from one contract
  • Facebook (United States): 475MW from three contracts
  • Verizon Communications (United States): 456MW capacity from two contracts.

Power contracts in August 2020: Top winners by capacity

The top winners of contracts for the month in terms of power capacity involved in North America were:

  • Overland Contracting (United States) and PCL Construction Group (Canada): 900MW from one contract
  • M. A. Mortenson (United States): 345MW from two contracts
  • McCarthy Building Companies (United States): 300MW capacity from one contract.

All publicly-announced contracts are included in this analysis drawn from GlobalData’s Power database, which covers power plants, T&D projects, equipment markets, analysis reports, capacity and generation, and tracks tenders and contracts on a real-time basis.

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