Webdyn is now offering a complete catalogue of environmental accessories and sensors compatible with its Sun range.

Webdyn is now distributing accessories that are compatible with WebdynSun and WebdynSunPM gateways. Pyranometers, temperature sensors, counters, Modbus slave and irradiation sensor are some of the new products added to its catalogue in response to customer requirements.

It has become clear that in the customer relationship and user experience, customers are looking for a single contact that gives them the most complete solution possible: a package comprising a data concentrator and sensors to efficiently measure their photovoltaic installations and power plants.

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Access to accessories catalogue

To this end, Webdyn has extended its range to include environmental accessories and sensors. In addition to its WebdynSun and WebdynSunPM gateway products, Webdyn is offering various sensors in order to collect all the information from the site to be monitored such as outside temperature, temperature under the panel, increase in power consumption and sunlight levels.

The environmental sensors are connected directly to the WebdynSun or WebdynSunPM and send field data and information about the photovoltaic installation to the gateway.

The gateway retrieves all the data collected at a single point so that it can be sent to the chosen information system. It gives real time monitoring of electrical production and the effective control of your installation.

“It is important to listen to our customers' needs and, with this comprehensive catalogue of accessories compatible with our products, we can ensure simpler and more efficient monitoring of the installation and support” said Philippe Faugeras, President of Webdyn.


For more than 15 years Webdyn designs and industrialises hardware and software solutions for M2M communication on Energy, Environment, Smart Grids and Transport markets.

Webdyn is a European leader of supplying multi-protocols concentrators covering all the applications of teleservice and the monitoring. With competitive and flexible products, Webdyn covers the entire management of your distant equipments.

With proven experience, Webdyn spreads its expertise to endpoints RF and gateways PLC-G3 to respond to its customers.

Webdyn is present in several European countries and has an office in India.

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