Gulf of Mexico order underlines filter maker’s global oil and gas reach

A specialist UK manufacturer has designed, made and supplied essential filtration components to help with offshore oil and natural gas production in the Gulf of Mexico.

Amazon Filters despatched a bespoke filter housing containing four large-format high-flow filters to a floating deepwater rig 280 miles south of New Orleans.

Amazon Filters designed and produced the filter housing for the Gulf of Mexico order at its Camberley, Surrey, manufacturing centre. Amazon Filters designed and produced the filter housing for the Gulf of Mexico order at its Camberley, Surrey, manufacturing centre. The order came from the industry services provider Cameron International, working for US energy giant Chevron at its Jack and St. Malo fields.

The 40-inch-long, six-inch-diameter SupaPleat FFC filters will be used to filter the CIP (clean in place) fluid that regenerates and keeps sulphate removal membranes working correctly. 

The process will help to minimise filtration costs while still meeting the stringent design and environmental criteria related to offshore platforms.

The rig stands in 7,000 ft of seawater, with a well depth of 26,000 ft, and has a daily production capacity of 170,000 barrels of oil and 42 million cubic feet of natural gas.

As a result, it requires high-performance CIP filters capable of weathering the most challenging of conditions to ensure uninterrupted flows.

For this order, super-duplex steel was used for the constructions along with design elements such as Xylon-coated bolts on the lid closure. These prevent thread galling and ensure trouble-free filter element changeout throughout the system’s life.

Amazon Filters, headquartered in Camberley, Surrey, developed its SupaPleat FFC design specially to suit large-scale, long-life processes such as deepsea oil and gas applications.

Neil Pizzey, Amazon Filters Managing Director, said: “Delivering this contract successfully is a further demonstration of our ‘quick and able’ market proposition, in other words the capacity to support customers across the world working in critical applications such as oil and gas production.

“For 35 years now, clients working in a wide range of industries have come to us to help gain process efficiencies and competitive advantage.

“We will continue to support them by investing in the design and manufacture of filtration systems, including housings, depth and pleated cartridge filters, coalescing technology and other essential products.

“With Covid-19 impacting directly on the oil and gas markets, finding cost-effective and reliable solutions has never been more important for producers. We’re here to help.”

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