GAUGES - New In-line Measurement Solutions for Dimensions and Shape with PROFILEMASTER® and STEELMASTER Gauges from ZUMBACH

Makers of seamless pipe, tube, profiles and bars now have access to ZUMBACH gauges, which have just been enhanced, now offering even more significant advantages:

  • A new big PROFILEMASTER® model SPS 800-S8 completes the line of hot and cold in-process gauges for rounds up to diameter 600 mm (23.62 in.) or profiles of up to 550 mm (21.65 in.) edge lengths. PROFILEMASTER® gauges are based on the principle of light-section technology and machine vision, and can handle any shape or profile.
    Relevant dimensions can be entered into the program and are then monitored during the production run at all times. Typical applications are hot seamless pipe and profiles of any kind, cold rolled/welded tubes and pipes (ERW) and inspection stations for tube, pipe, profiles and bar.

PROFILEMASTER® systems are available in multiple designs, depending on the requirements of the customer and product. The systems are best suited for the continuous measurement and monitoring of dimensions and the complete cross-section of profiles made of steel, metal, plastics or rubber.

  • The new series of STEELMASTER hot and cold gauges, based on high-speed laser scanning, now offers up to 12’000 measurements per second, with new Calibrated Single Scan (CSS) technology. This results in a highly accurate and fast non-contact measurement of diameter, ovality and width/height at production speeds of 100 m/s (19,685 ft/min) and beyond.

STEELMASTER Gauges are available in static (SMS models), oscillating (SMO models) or rotating (SMR models) configurations and for diameters of up to 500 mm (20 in).


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