MINING SOLUTIONS - Clariant Mining Solutions invests in chemicals manufacturing and lab in Casablanca, Morocco

new logoClariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, has announced a significant investment to expand its plant in Casablanca, Morocco and increase its global footprint with the production of polymers and chemical blends for the African and Middle East mining industry.

This new investment will also include the opening of a Clariant Mining Solutions laboratory where the focus will be on supporting the phosphate industry in flotation, fertilizer additives and process chemicals. The lab will enable Clariant Mining Solutions to better support the growing customer base and the market growth of the company in the region.

“Clariant is a globally-focused company, committed to serving the unique needs of our customers by improving the supply chain and offering chemical expertise at each Clariant Mining Solutions lab,” said Patric Scheidner, Head of Clariant Mining Solutions Europe, Africa and the Middle East. “This new investment will fully equip Clariant with the infrastructure and expertise needed to provide exceptional service as the African and Middle East mining industry continues to grow.”

Strategically situated near the country’s main harbor, airport and other points of trade and entry, the 9.3 acre complex serves as the country headquarters for warehousing, laboratories and offices.

Clariant Mining Solutions is a leading provider of flotation chemicals and emulsifiers for explosives to the global mining industry. Clariant’s strong and growing team of technical experts operate around the globe and is dedicated to providing world-class specialty chemical solutions that add value to customers’ mining operations. The company operates nine state-of-the-art R&D laboratories worldwide which are dedicated to the development and optimization of chemical solutions.