wire India, Tube India and Metallurgy India are joining forces for the seventh time in India

2017 06 21 145649

This is now the seventh time that the Indian metal trade fair trio will be held at the Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre in Mumbai, comprising wire India, Tube India and metallurgy India, from 27 to 28 November 2018.

The three-day presentation will cover plants and machinery, the latest technologies and services from the various segments of the wire and cable industry as well as pipe and tube processing and the pipe and tube trade.  

The previous event in 2016 already featured not only many national group stands from Germany, Austria, Italy, the United States and China, but also a large number of Indian companies as well as firms from India’s immediate neighbours. The parallel character of the three trade fairs produces valuable synergies for exhibitors and visitors.

The forthcoming event will be the first one in India to include exhibitors from the area of fastener technology with a dedicated show, the Fastener Special Zone. wire, one of the world’s leading trade fairs in this segment, is thus meeting growing interest from industry.

As the numbers of visitors had risen substantially at the previous events in 2015, next year, too, is expected to attract over 12,000 trade visitors to the Bombay Convention & Exhibition.

Further details about the two trade fairs can be found on their respective websites:,, and also from Messe Düsseldorf, Marcus Müllers, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone: +49 (0) 211 4560 579


Breakthrough in the digital transformation: thyssenkrupp connects machinery

Breakthrough in the digital transformation: thyssenkrupp connects machinery

A milestone for the digital transformation: thyssenkrupp connects the machinery of the materials division via a new digital platform. Thanks to toii all machines can communicate with each other. Due to predictive maintenance the platform is also supposed to forecast the necessity of machine services in the future. The name chosen by the business area is a double play on words - it spells IIoT backwards, the abbreviation for “Industrial Internet of Things” - and it is pronounced like the word “toy”, an indication of how the new platform makes linking heterogeneous machines to existing IT structures “child’s play”. toii was developed completely in-house by company software engineering experts and tailored to the specific requirements of Materials Services.

One platform for each and everything
The machinery belonging to the business area, which focuses on global materials distribution and processing services, is highly diverse: The machines perform a wide range of tasks, were made by various manufacturers and differ in age. Now toii makes it possible to connect bandsaws and bending machines, mobile objects like cranes and forklifts and even complex production facilities such as slitting and cut to length lines and sophisticated processing solutions through milling machines and laser systems digitally in line with the Industrial Internet of Things. The digital platform allows the machines to share data and communicate with one another and with the IT systems. Processes can be planned and coordinated optimally and flexibly – across locations, worldwide. As a further major benefit, the platform simplifies data analysis. Which product has been produced when and in what quantities? Which machine needs maintenance? What could be developing into a problem? What additional materials need to be delivered? The system answers all of these questions and many more by gathering and analyzing data. The results are just a mouse click away – clearly structured and easy to understand.

“We’ve created an end-to-end solution that is tailored specifically to our needs. It will enable us to accelerate the automation of our production operations and make our processes much more efficient,” says Hans-Josef Hoß from the board of thyssenkrupp Materials Services. “We are now taking the digital transformation to the core areas of our business: our production shops, our machinery and equipment, and our materials. Our customers will feel the benefit – and so will we.”

2017 07 26 085936

Close teamwork of man and machine
toii has already successfully proven its worth in several pilot projects. For example, at Materials Processing Europe in Mannheim, a new, highly complex cut to length line that cuts sheet from coil was fully connected with the platform. The result: toii transfers work orders directly and in real time from the SAP system to the machine and controls its settings from sizes and weights to volumes. The platform also automatically retrieves the machine information required by SAP. As a result, the status of production and the finished products can be viewed at any time. Other machines have also already been digitally connected and automated using toii, for example measuring the thickness of metal strips for effective quality control and automatic blanking. In the latter case, the platform even made it possible to fully integrate the blanking operation into a production line. In other areas, from high-bay storage to mobile construction machinery, toii is improving efficiency as well.

The platform is an in-house development, highly scalable, and can integrate up to several hundred machines a year. An international Materials Services team of IT professionals from Germany, India and the USA worked together to develop toii. Alongside various projects in Germany, there are already plans to deploy the system in the UK and the USA. All data are currently hosted on a central server in Germany. But to be able to comply with all data protection law requirements, local servers will also be created in the UK and USA as part of the further roll-out.

thyssenkrupp Materials Services is systematically driving the digital transformation of the business area throughout the entire value chain. In many areas, connected collaboration and interactive processes are already well established – from logistics, warehousing and line utilization to purchasing and administration. The focus is on customers and their individual requirements. The aim: to continuously develop and implement made-to-measure digital solutions that allow for smarter and more effective collaboration and open up completely new possibilities.

About thyssenkrupp Materials Services:
With around 480 locations in over 40 countries, the Materials Services business area specializes in materials distribution, logistics and services, the provision of technical services as well as services for industrial plants and steel mills. In addition to rolled steel, stainless steel, tubes and pipes, nonferrous metals, specialty materials and plastics, Materials Services also offers services from processing and logistics to warehouse and inventory management through to supply chain and project management.

About thyssenkrupp:
thyssenkrupp is a diversified industrial group with traditional strengths in materials and a growing share of capital goods and service businesses. Over 156,000 employees in nearly 80 countries work with passion and technological know-how to develop high-quality products and intelligent industrial processes and services for sustainable progress. Their skills and commitment are the basis of our success. In fiscal year 2015/2016 thyssenkrupp generated sales of around €39 billion.

Together with our customers we develop competitive solutions for current and future challenges in their respective industries. With our engineering expertise we enable our customers to gain an edge in the global market and manufacture innovative products in a cost- and resource-friendly way. Our technologies and innovations are the key to meeting diverse customer and market requirements around the world, growing on the markets of the future, and generating strong and stable earnings, cash flows and value growth.


Elite Control Systems Completes Wireless Communications System for Tarmac, Dunbar

Unmanned Stacker & Reclaimer Machines Now Monitored Wirelessly 

Elite Control Systems, a leading provider of systems integration services, announces the use of wireless technology to provide a solution for one of its key clients. The wireless system was installed on their large Stacker and Reclaimer machines located in a remote part of Tarmac’s Dunbar site in Scotland.

Plant operations

Raw material is transferred from the quarry onto the conveyor system that feeds into the Stacker. As the name suggests, this machine stacks the product in an even pile in readiness for future reclamation by the Reclaimer, which feeds the Raw Mill. The unmanned Stacker and Reclaimer machines are located in a fairly remote area of the cement works and travels along a rail track, creating a consistent accumulation of raw material.  The Stacker will continue to transfer the raw material onto a uniform stockpile until it senses that the level of product has reached its required height. Once a pile has been built, it will be reclaimed by the Reclaimer and mixed with other raw materials before being ground into a raw meal in the Raw Mill.

2017 07 10 091905By devising and installing a custom wireless communications system, Elite Control Systems made it possible for Tarmac to remotely monitor the required parameters and the status of its unmanned Stacker and Reclaimer machines from its plant (pictured in the background) in Dunbar, Scotland.

New technology offers reliable wireless communication

When Tarmac asked Elite Control Systems to assist Siemens in providing them with a way to monitor the Stacker and Reclaimer’s activities through the plant’s existing control system, Elite devised a custom solution. The standard way of connecting to remote machines, such as Tarmac’s Stacker and Reclaimer, would normally involve running new cables in what can often be considered as an expensive and disruptive installation procedure. By utilising a wireless solution, most of this type of installation work was not required. The application did call for a thorough preliminary assessment involving an initial wireless audit. This was essential to ensure that the wireless solution could be implemented successfully in this instance.  

Working closely alongside the manufacturer of the wireless equipment, Elite Control Systems carried out the wireless assessment of the area where the new system would be installed. Elite then proceeded to install the specified Siemens Scalance™ wireless communication system.

In this instance, the appropriate Industrial Wireless LAN (Scalance W786) components that comply with the required IEEE 802 standards were installed. 

This work involved mounting the necessary wireless communication equipment at suitable points on the plant, Stacker and Reclaimer.  These devices continuously transmit signals directly from the machines. This effectively provides the necessary status information and makes it possible for plant engineers to remotely monitor the desired machine parameters.  By further integrating this system into Tarmac’s existing site network, the status of the Stacker and Reclaimers is now able to be visually displayed in the main PCS7 system control room.

Celebrating 20 Years

Elite began supporting Tarmac in 1997 when it was known as Blue Circle.  “Over the past 20 years, we have provided the Dunbar cement works with both process control automation software and technical support.  This latest project marks a significant milestone by introducing the many benefits of wireless communication,” said Ewan McAllister, Technical Director for Elite Control Systems. “By converting the Stacker and Reclaimer to state-of-the-art wireless communication, Tarmac can now remotely monitor the required parameters and the status of the machines. In addition, this has been made possible without going to the expense and disruption of a major cable installation. We are sure that this winning solution will serve Tarmac for many years to come.” 

About Elite Control Systems, Limited

Founded in 1992, Elite Control Systems Limited specialises in systems integration.  It is known for helping companies within a variety of industries to use fast-moving process control, automation and information technology to achieve their business objectives.

Elite Control Systems operate from its global headquarters in Livingston, Scotland.  Additional information may be found at


Sparrows Group secures onshore inspection contract for CertainTeed’s US Gypsum plants

CEO hails company’s successful diversification with US deal

Sparrows Group has secured its largest ever contract outside the energy industry to provide inspection services across all 17 of CertainTeed’s US Gypsum plants in a move hailed as ‘a major step forward in the company’s diversification’.

2017 07 10 081549Through the agreement, Sparrows will inspect all lifting equipment at the gypsum facilities of the firm, one of North America’s leading manufacturers of construction products. This includes overhead cranes, crawler cranes, hoists and loose lifting equipment.

Stewart Mitchell, chief executive officer at Sparrows, said: “This is a major step forward in our diversification strategy, transferring the extensive knowledge we have in lifting and inspection services into new markets and regions.

“Sparrows has an extremely experienced inspection team that will optimise the reliability and safety of all lifting equipment at CertainTeed’s plants.  By engaging us to work across all of their plants we can provide them with confidence in the consistency of quality throughout their operations. Knowledge and skills built up over many years in oil and gas and the high standards the industry demands are bringing benefits to other sectors.”

As part of the contract Sparrows have been engaged to provide an identification system to control equipment and records which will be accessible through their online client portal. The use of this software dramatically increases efficiency and ensures transparency while minimising the risk of non-compliances.

CertainTeed is a subsidiary of Saint-Gobain, one of the world’s largest and oldest building product companies. They specialise in exterior and interior building products including roofing, siding, fence, decking, railing, trim, insulation, gypsum and ceilings.

The Sparrows Group is a global provider of specialist equipment and integrated engineering services to the energy and industrial industries. The firm supports customers by delivering a broad range of expert solutions that optimise efficiency and ensure the performance, reliability and safety of critical equipment and people.


Masters of free form, high precision, abrasive waterjet cutting in space.

Machines for shaping 3D components in different work planes

As a result of material development, new and High Tech Industries has a changing need for processing advanced 3D geometry parts. Hardened metals, special alloys and combined materials like composites are setting new requirements on material processing technology. The waterjet cutting process is often preferred for high-tech parts manufacturing, since a cold cutting process eliminates impact on material structure, with no micro cracks or heat affected zones. With a high precision and structured 5-axis machine system Water Jet Sweden has become master of designing machine tools for free form, high precision, water jet cutting in space, fulfilling the most challenging customer demands from leading aerospace, defense, and power industries around the world.

2017 07 10 080613Waterjet cutting hard materials in space requires an exceptionally stable machine design.

Featuring a world leading 3D abrasive waterjet cutting system

For decades’ Water Jet Sweden has been developing their ability to build free form waterjet cutting tools into mastery. The Water Jet Sweden FiveX waterjet machine model is built with the most advance technology to repeatedly perform high precision free form cutting of full 3D parts. A Z-axis capacity of at least 1000 mm gives a generous working area in the finishing of large and odd size parts. An intelligent Probe Interface is integrated with a large library of pre-designed 3D measurement cycles for quick setup and electronic abrasive feeders control and secure a continuous cutting process. 

High precision with state of the art performance and safety

Waterjet cutting hard materials in space requires an exceptionally stable machine design. Especially if you intend to keep a repetition accuracy of ± 0.025 mm throughout the machine lifetime. The Water Jet Sweden FiveX waterjet machine is specially designed to counteract torsion, manage vibrations and handle irregularities during advanced 3D shaping. The machine is built on a heavy-duty steel frame with high walls and two independent Y-axis motors to steadily carry the cutting units and X-beam. The patented gantry design enables a smooth movement with less wear of mechanical parts and a more consistent cutting result. 

Free form abrasive waterjet cutting in space requires specific safety features compared to traditional sheet material processing. The full-size walls not only give stability to the machine frame, but are also important safety barriers for the operator. Together with the automated back and front protection the design enable cutting in all directions.

2017 07 10 080832The 2D head is armed with drilling unit, height sensor and electronic abrasive feeders to control and secure the cutting process. 

FiveX waterjet give advantages for Defense, Aerospace and Power Industry

Large-scale 5-axis processing allows the advantages of the waterjet cutting process to be utilized in the finishing of fabricated structures, pressed parts, molded composite parts and other 3D components. The waterjet cutting technology has been embraced largely by the Defense Industry, Space Industry, Aerospace Industry and Power Industry. Designed materials such as Hardened Steel, Titanium, Kevlar and Carbon Fiber can be cut easily to precise form. Applications include trimming of molded parts into their final shape. 

Waterjet cutting machines designed to meet specific customer needs

Each Water Jet Sweden FiveX machine is designed specifically to meet the unique production requirements of each customer. Customized probe function and fixturing table are common features. The machine solution illustrating this article has a number of customer specific design features. A second cutting head parked by one side, when activated the waterjet machine quickly turn into an efficient multiple head 2D cutting tool. The 2D head is armed with drilling unit, height sensor and electronic abrasive feeders to control and secure the cutting process. The custom water tank size enables one safe access door on each side of the machine for availability and easy operations. On each side inside there is a handy operating panel and walking area for precise job setup, and spray nozzle with hose reel for quick and easy cleaning while loading and unloading.  Another unique, customer specific, high precision, abrasive waterjet cutting system has reached a High-Tech industry somewhere in the world, designed by engineers devoted to performance. 

About Water Jet Sweden AB

A successful pursuit of measurable customer benefits

Back in 1993, we produced our Machines in a private garage. Today we serve customers in more than 40 countries. Our native town of Ronneby in southern Sweden has become a R & D cluster of global renown, where the scientific establishment, the water jet industry and the business community join efforts to develop the water jet cutting technology of tomorrow.

Our ultimate end product is customer value, and the benefits our machines and service can offer are highly measurable in terms of time, money, product quality and sustainability.