Metso Outotec launches high-capacity Larox ® FFP3716 filter for sustainable tailings filtration

Metso Outotec is introducing a new high-capacity filter for demanding tailings applications. Extending the product family line of the FFP filters, the new Larox® FFP3716 filter comes with compact plate pack design and smart automation, redefining the overall standard in reliability, capacity and safety in tailings filtration. Combined with Metso Outotec’s optimized filtration plant design, the FFP3716 filter offers a reliable and cost-efficient long term solution for tailings management even in challenging environments.

”Responsible usage of water in the mining industry is the primary driver for increasing interest in tailings dewatering. At Metso Outotec, our goal is to provide holistic tailings management solutions by bringing a step change in the way we view, handle, and manage tailings,” says Geoff Foster, Head of tailings filtration a Metso Outotec. ”Backed by proven technology and industrial knowledge, our efficient dewatering solutions help in maximizing water recovery and reuse. The Larox® FFP3716 filter represents the most advanced technology currently available for safe and efficient dewatering.”

FFP3716 filter FFP3716 filter

High filtration volume with optimum plate pack design

With substantial increase in total filtration volume, the Larox® FFP3716 uses the most optimum plate pack design leading to reduced wear on plate pack and cloth components along with ease operation and spares holding. The new design of the closing and sealing mechanism with individual controlled sealing cylinders ensures squared plate pack at any time, resulting in long lifetime of the pack. The FFP3716 filter has been designed from bottom to top with optimal safety in mind.

Technical features of the Larox FFP3716® filter

  • 2000m² filtration area
  • 44m³ chamber volume
  • Up to 16 bars operating pressure
  • Smart hydraulic system
  • Readiness for remote production Application support

Find out more about Larox® FFP3716 filter on our website.

Metso Outotec is a frontrunner in sustainable technologies, end-to-end solutions and services for the aggregates, minerals processing, metals refining and recycling industries globally. By improving our customers’ energy and water efficiency, increasing their productivity, and reducing environmental risks with our product and process expertise, we are the partner for positive change.  

Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, Metso Outotec employs over 15,000 people in more than 50 countries and its pro forma sales for 2019 were about EUR 4.1 billion. The company is listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki.


Bearing specialist publishes steel bearings guide

To counteract confusion over the many steel bearing variations available, specialist bearing supplier, SMB Bearings has published a new materials guide to provide a helpful resource. The guide, Steel bearings: an essential guide to this essential workhorse, also provides practical application advice when choosing a steel bearing, which can be downloaded for free on the SMB Bearings website.

To ensure design engineers understand the technical capabilities of the different steel bearings available, SMB Bearings’ guide simplifies the decision-making process with clear, comparable information. Common questions are addressed, such as ‘what’s the difference between stainless steel and chrome steel bearings?’ along with other common customer queries.

“With materials science constantly evolving, particularly with new developments in the lubricant and bearing coatings fields — choosing a humble bearing can feel like a colossal decision,” explained Chris Johnson, managing director at SMB Bearings.  “This steel bearings guide is our final guide in our bearing materials miniseries, which also encompasses our ceramic and plastic bearings guides.

Steel bearingsSteel bearings

“Bearing failure can have a devastating effect, resulting in overall equipment failure and costly downtime. If a bearing material and design is correctly matched to its application in the first instance, this shouldn’t be a problem.

“A common question we get asked by our customers is, ‘when is it worth investing in stainless steel bearings?’ This guide breaks down specific operating conditions including load, speed, corrosion resistance and temperature requirements, allowing design engineers to make an informed decision, and not splurge if they don’t need to.

“Corrosion is often known as the natural enemy of bearings, often caused when bearings are not properly matched to their operating conditions. In fact it is estimated that the global cost of corrosion is US$2.5 trillion globally. Chrome steel bearings will rust easily so in the presence of moisture or chemicals, for example in the food and beverage industry, we’d recommend opting for stainless steel.”

Further information on SMB Bearings’ full product line can be found on the company website. For further advice, download the technical guide, Steel bearings: an essential guide to this essential workhorse, here

About SMB Bearings: SMB Bearings originally specialised in miniature bearings, thin-section bearings and stainless steel bearings. By natural progression, the company expanded the range to include other corrosion resistant bearings such as plastic bearings, 316 stainless bearings and ceramic bearings.

Remaining a specialist business, SMB Bearings provide a high level of product knowledge, providing bearing and lubrication solutions to existing or potential customers, whether individuals or large corporations. SMB Bearings does not just sell bearings, but helps to solve your problems.

For further information please visit / Ref: SMB237/07/20


Metso Outotec introduces next-generation Courier® on-stream analyzer for direct measurement of gold concentration

Metso Outotec is launching its next-generation Courier® 6G SL on-stream analyzer for direct measurement of gold, platinum and other valuable metal concentrations from ore feed, concentrate, and tailings streams. The new analyzer enables accurate real-time elemental analysis measurement, which is critical for establishing efficient process control to improve process stability and maximize recovery. “Agnico Eagle Kittilä has used the new on-stream analyzer for flotation control and optimization since October 2019. Measurement information provided by the Courier 6G SL has enabled more efficient control of the pre-flotation circuit and helped to reduce gold losses,” says Lauri Veki, Metallurgist, Agnico Eagle Kittilä”.

The Courier 6G SL on-stream analyzer builds on the Outotec Courier 6X SL analyzer with a more powerful X-ray tube and measurement channels optimized for direct on-line measurement of gold and other elements from calcium to uranium. This makes it particularly suitable for applications where gold is recovered with other metals such as silver or copper.


The system can measure up to 24 individual process streams – each with an individually adjustable measurement time – to ensure optimal measurement accuracy and sampling frequency in even the most complex polymetallic flotation circuits.

The new next-generation on-stream analyzer combines Wavelength Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (WDXRF) and Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) technologies with a high-power X-ray tube for unparalleled measurement performance. It also features an automatic internal reference measurement for guaranteed stability under changing environmental conditions.

Metso Outotec Courier 6G SL analyzer – key benefits in brief

  • Direct measurement of gold concentrations down to 0.2 g/t
  • Rapid results from up to 24 sample streams
  • Improvements in recovery and minimization of precious metal losses
  • Possibility to upgrade your previous generation Courier analyzers into Courier 6G SL analyzers
  • Remote support with condition monitoring

Find out more from our website: Courier® 6G SL on-stream analyzer.

Metso Outotec is a frontrunner in sustainable technologies, end-to-end solutions and services for the aggregates, minerals processing, metals refining and recycling industries globally. By improving our customers’ energy and water efficiency, increasing their productivity, and reducing environmental risks with our product and process expertise, we are the partner for positive change.  

Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, Metso Outotec employs over 15,000 people in more than 50 countries and its illustrative combined sales for 2019 were about EUR 4.2 billion. The company is listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki.


ABB completes commissioning of the world’s most powerful conveyor system

ABB, working with TAKRAF, has completed commissioning and testing for the world's highest-powered gearless conveyor drive system, enabling continuous operations at Chuquicamata copper mine in Chile

ABB has provided engineering design, gearless conveyor drives, electrical equipment for power supply, energy distribution and automation of a new underground and overland conveyor system at the world's largest open pit copper mine.

2020 11 11 103209Project management and engineering for the full electrical, control and instrumentation (EC&I) scope was led by ABB in Germany, with long spells on site in northern Chile to work side-by-side with TAKRAF to equip the site’s new underground operation with a large conveying system that overcomes an altitude difference of 1,200m and covers a distance of almost 13km.

The three principal 11,000tph conveyors feature gearless conveyor drives (GCDs) equipped with large ABB AC synchronous motors with a rated power of 5MW each, resulting in a motor shaft torque of about 900kNm. With every line in constant use, high availability and low maintenance are essential. Designed with a minimum of transfer stations, just one was required underground, saving a significant project cost.

Based on continuous conveying technology, the infrastructure is completely truckless, eliminating the need for 120 large haul trucks. This results in saving around 130 million liters of gasoline consumption per year, bringing the carbon emissions from 340,000t p.a. down to 100,000t p.a. It is also the first transportation system in the world to employ premium steel cable belt technology, ST10000, for use on uphill tunnel conveyors.

“This mega project achieves a number of firsts, from the system’s installed drive power to the application of the ST10000 conveyor belt,” said Marc Hollinger, TAKRAF Project Manager. “With this project, we firmly establish TAKRAF as one of the world’s only providers capable of delivering a mega project of this nature incorporating advanced technologies that push the boundaries of what has been done before. This is a complex project of the highest magnitude demanding global cooperation between internal and external parties.”

“This is a new milestone in underground applications for continuous mining. It is the highest drive power ever installed on a conveyor and uses a wide range of features for data aquisition, equipment assessment and process optimization.” said Ulf Richter, Global Product Manager for Belt Conveyor Systems, at ABB. “In piloting this gearless drive application with TAKRAF we have overcome tremendous technical and logistical challenges due to underground situations, elevation change and capacity requirements.”

ABB liquid-cooled MV voltage-source frequency converters, together with large synchronous motors, deliver a decrease in active and reactive power consumption. This is highly energy efficient, and without additional network filters.

ABB’s Mining Conveyor Control Program (MCCP) ensures smooth belt operation and safe synchronization between High Power Motors and High Power Hydraulic Brakes, necessary for secure operation of steep uphill conveyors. The drive systems also work without mechanic backstops.

A novel embedding concept, developed jointly by TAKRAF and ABB, enables straightforward installation and alignment of the GCD motors, saving installation time and longer deployment of maintenance teams. This was considered a major benefit compared to existing GCDs in cantilevered construction. The concept also meant motors were 100% factory assembled and tested. They can also be be mechanically disconnected from the drive pulley quickly so operations can continue if drive failure occurs. The total installed drive power for the entire system, including multiple feeder conveyors, totals 58 MW, of which there are 11 x 5 MW gearless synchronous motors.

ABB has also installed ABB Ability™ Ventilation Optimizer at Chuquicamata reducing carbon emissions and providing clean air to workers in line with the strict HSE requirements.

Commissioning was completed in four months. The new underground project is expected to extend operations at Chuquicamata for the next 40 years.

ABB (ABBN: SIX Swiss Ex) is a leading global technology company that energizes the transformation of society and industry to achieve a more productive, sustainable future. By connecting software to its electrification, robotics, automation and motion portfolio, ABB pushes the boundaries of technology to drive performance to new levels. With a history of excellence stretching back more than 130 years, ABB’s success is driven by about 110,000 talented employees in over 100 countries.


Deep-Sea Mineral Platform Launched Ahead of Battery Boom

A new way to meet the growing demand for minerals critical to electric vehicle, electronics and battery manufacturers could become commercially available within this decade. Significant public and private investment have gone into how to extract cobalt, nickel, lithium and other minerals from the deep seabed; however, more than 80 non-governmental organizations have voiced concerns about the dangers of commercial extraction.

  • Sea-floor deposits of cobalt, nickel and lithium and other minerals could soon become commercially available
  • Venues for policy makers, mining industry and environmental organizations exist, but companies that use these minerals had no space to learn about and take thoughtful action on this topic
  • To inform and provide a channel for action, the World Economic Forum has launched the Deep-Sea Minerals Dialogue as an impartial platform for mineral sourcing manufacturers and metal markets
  • A new report highlights why mineral sourcing manufacturers and metal markets need to engage now on the deep-sea mineral discussion.
  • Read the new paper and learn more about the platform

While venues exist for countries, scientists, seabed mining industry and environmental organizations to discuss deep-sea mining, companies that use these kinds of minerals – the product manufactures and metal markets – previously did not have a place to learn about and discuss this topic. To create the space needed for this industry to come together, discuss and engage on this complex issue, the World Economic Forum has launched the Deep-Sea Minerals Dialogue.

2020 11 11 100126The World Economic Forum is an impartial platform for dialogue and often brings together competitors and groups that may not traditionally work together to discuss complex issues. This new platform will utilize the Forum’s multistakeholder approach and hopes to convene responsible businesses and accelerate their participation on this topic. The new platform will leverage experts with different points of views and analyse decision-making systems and learnings from existing industries.

Dominic Waughray, Managing Director, World Economic Forum said: “Deep-sea mining is a cross-cutting topic that could affect both progress on climate action as well as the preservation of biodiversity and is connected with the transition to a circular economy. Stakeholders owe it to themselves and to the planet alike to make the wisest decision possible.”

The next years are critical as regulatory, technology and investment decisions are being made. These decisions could determine the environmental and social impact of deep-sea minerals. Although the minerals may not enter supply chain for a few years, examples involving cobalt mining from the Democratic Republic of Congo and palm oil supply from Indonesia, show that failing to act early, can result in costly efforts to clean up the supply chain and reputational impact afterwards.

A new briefing paper released today, Deep-Sea Minerals: What Manufacturers and Markets Need to Know, highlights why mineral sourcing manufacturers and metal markets need to engage now on the deep-sea mineral discussion.

It highlights responsible sourcing considerations for companies that use or exchange metals and minerals, complementing existing reports on the gap between mineral supply and demand as well as the lack of scientific understanding of the deep sea and potential impacts of mineral extraction.

The paper underscores a trend of manufacturers and metal markets increasing their attention on the environmental and social conditions of the minerals they source. It the first in a series of three about the potential extraction of deep-sea minerals, written for manufacturers and market exchanges.

Assheton Stewart Carter, CEO of TDI Sustainability, said: “Decisions being taken now on the development of deep-sea minerals have implications for ocean conservation, responsible sourcing, sustainable production and even for our fight against accelerating climate change. It is a topic of generational importance. We have learned from other industries - such as oil sands development, hydro-electric dams, nuclear power generation - that when decisions to proceed with megaprojects fail to be inclusive and informed by science, it can lead to delays, irreversible social and ecological damage, or abandoned assets – for once we have the opportunity to engage and contribute to opinions on whether and how deep-sea mineral are developed before the industry has begun in earnest. We should grasp it.”

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