Svea Vind Offshore starts foundation for the climate

The wind power company Svea Vind Offshore now starts Svea Green Foundation to accelerate the transition to a sustainable society for current and future generations. The foundation will work locally, regionally, nationally and eventually also internationally.

  • The climate issue is urgent which means that leadership and action are required, from politics, business and society at large. Through Svea Vind Offshore, we work to increase the proportion of renewable energy and thus want to contribute to restructuring society. With a foundation, we can complement that work and have the opportunity to work even more broadly. Through the company and the foundation, we have taken leadership in the green transition, says Maria Brolin, founder and chairman of Svea Green Foundation.

Lisa Wärn och Maria BrolinLisa Wärn och Maria BrolinThe foundation's initial focus in the transition to a sustainable society are efforts that limit global warming in order to contribute to the development of sustainable scenarios presented by the UN's climate panel IPCC. The foundation's work can be done both by initiating and running projects and by supporting or participating in projects or innovations that align with the foundation's purposes.

Lisa Wärn has been appointed CEO of the foundation. Until recently, she worked as deputy chief of staff and communications director at TCO, The Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees. Lisa Wärn has worked in politics, communication and with leadership issues for 20 years in Government Offices, civil society and the business world.

  • We are thrilled for having recruited Lisa Wärn as CEO of Svea Green Foundation. Her broad experience from both politics, business and civil society combined with her deep commitment to society and climate issues means that we know that she will undertake the task in a responsible way, says Maria Brolin, founder and chairman of Svea Green Foundation.
  • For me leading Svea Green Foundation is a fantastic opportunity. My commitment to environmental issues began at the age of 10 and now the climate issue is more pressing than ever. We cannot wait to implement measures, we must act very forcefully, says Lisa Wärn, CEO of Svea Green Foundation.

Svea Vind Offshore is an entrepreneurial company that acts as a catalyst as we enable wind power in suitable locations based on economy, technology and the environment. The company was started in 2015. The founders are driven by a desire to make a difference and contribute to a sustainable world both in terms of climate and job creation locally where they operate. The head office is located in Gävle, Sweden.