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New turnaround projects for Voith in Scandinavia

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Voith Industrial Services continues to boost market position with turnarounds in Scandinavia. New project at St1 refinery in Gothenburg.

Turnarounds are logistical masterstrokes: Piping and equipment in oil refineries, for example, have to be rigorously cleaned, inspected and tested, before being prepared and approved for the next trouble-free production cycle. Voith Industrial Services specializes in performing this in the shortest possible time while adhering to the most stringent safety standards and in making the facility ready for production as quickly as possible. To this end it prepares the personnel, mobilizes machinery, conducts extensive preliminary planning and reaches agreements with customers, partners and subcontractors.

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The provider of industrial services has just won new orders from refineries in Scandinavia, one of them at the St1 refinery in Gothenburg. The orders are for the mechanical maintenance of air coolers and heat exchangers. This process equipment transfers thermal energy from one material flow to the other and therefore ensures process stability and energy efficiency.
Chemical and petrochemical plants are subject to stringent safety requirements. This is why they have to ensure that their service provider is able to work at this high standard. In addition, the refinery required comprehensive experience and know-how in all aspects of a turnaround in order to satisfy all internal and statutory requirements. Voith met these criteria.
The core project for ST1 in Gothenburg is set to be completed within four weeks, supported by around 70 Voith employees. The St1 refinery managers had cooperated with Voith on previous projects and were impressed by the company’s reliable performance.

At the St1 refinery personnel and machinery may have to deal with often very low temperatures during the core project in March. The project will only be successful because it is thoroughly prepared beforehand and the timetable is scrupulously adhered to, even in the case of unexpected events or technical challenges.

The Voith team is delighted about the new orders which are allowing it to further consolidate its market position in Scandinavia.

About Voith Industrial Services:
Voith Industrial Services, a division of Voith GmbH with a current workforce of around 18,500, is one of the leading providers of technical services for key industries such as automotive, energy, chemicals and petrochemicals and of engineering services. In 2013 the company posted sales of € 1.18 billion at its more than 170 locations worldwide.

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