WaveRoller® Featured at the Clean Energy Technology Exhibition in Beijing – CEO Liljelund Gives Presentation at CEM8 Innovation Theater

AW-Energy’s WaveRoller® project is featured at the Clean Energy Technology Exhibition held 6-8 June 2017 in Beijing, China. The exhibition takes place in connection with the eighth Clean Energy Ministerial, CEM8. AW-Energy CEO John Liljelund also gives a presentation at the CEM8 opening event.

2017 05 24 103456AW-Energy’s WaveRoller® project will be prominently featured at the eighth Clean Energy Ministerial. CEO of AW-Energy Oy John Liljelund will give a presentation on wave energy, the WaveRoller® and its vast potential at the CEM8 opening event, Innovation Theater, on June 7th.

– WaveRoller® is a true masterpiece of creativity using state of the art technology and the leader in an emerging industry of wave energy. It’s quite a distinction to be invited as a speaker at such an esteemed podium, says Liljelund.

WaveRoller® at CEM8 Clean Energy Technology Exhibiton

A miniature of the WaveRoller® device built with LEGO bricks, sized at 0,5m x 0,5m, is set to showcase the pioneering innovation and represent green energy technology at the Clean Energy Technology Exhibition’s European Union exhibition stand. The exhibition brings together companies and organizations from around the world showcasing their innovative clean energy technologies, products and business models.

–  We are honored to cooperate with the EU Comission in this exhibition. Wave energy is the largest untapped resource of renewable energy and as such should get all the attention possible. The good news is the change is already underway as the first commercial WaveRoller® projects are currently developed in Asia, Europe as well as the Americas, says CEO of AW-Energy Oy John Liljelund. 

2017 05 24 103720

The LEGO miniature along with information of the ready for commercial roll-out device is expected to raise awareness and generate interest in the clean and scalable wave energy solution.

–  In our view, LEGO® promotes creating entirely new models with little in common with the building instructions that come with the sets. A similar approach has inspired our team all along the development path and given all of us something that has an amazing potential to shape the energy mix towards a more sustainable future, Liljelund concludes.

CEM and Mission Innovation

The Clean Energy Ministerial aims to ensure and precipitate the deployment of clean energy technologies and solutions available today. CEM is a partnership of 22 of the world’s largest economies and the European Union working together to accelerate the global transition to clean energy.

Mission Innovation is a global initiative of 22 countries and the European Union to dramatically accelerate global clean energy innovation that leads to widely affordable clean energy.

AW-Energy is a pioneer in the green economy and is the global leader in wave energy technology. Its flagship product, WaveRoller, is a submerged wave energy converter based on a hinged panel that is attached to the sea bed in the near shore area. It generates electricity from the movement of the waves (surge phenomenon) and is connected to the electric grid onshore. The company is based in Finland, and operates in multiple continents cooperates with strong industrial partners including e.g. Lloyd's Register, Wärtsilä, DCNS and DNV-GL. The company employs a highly professional and efficient team that manages a network of over 100 engineers and technical staff. It is backed by Fortum, a leading European utility company, Aura Capital, Sitra and European Investment Bank.


Galliford Try selects Saxlund Push Floor fuel solution for three waste wood gasification facilities

2017 05 18 093120Saxlund International was selected by principal contractor Galliford Try Infrastructure in May 2016 to provide the bulk fuel reception and handling technology for three waste wood gasification facilities currently under construction in Barry, Boston and Hull, for renewable energy company Biomass UK. Saxlund is now on site in construction on all three sites.

With these 3 contracts, Saxlund is now contracted to deliver 13 alternative fuel handling systems in the UK by the end of 2017. This is over 50% of current UK projects in construction. This amount of construction involves vast quantities of equipment such as 1.5 km of Push Floors Ladders (if placed end to end) and the combined volume of push floors covering 10 tennis courts and storage areas of biomass/RDF totalling nearly 4 Olympic sized swimming pools.

With a combined contract value of £2.6 million, Saxlund is responsible for the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of similar fuel handling systems at each site. This includes Saxlund’s Push Floor reception and storage system, discharging into a conveying and screening system to feed fuel into twin gasifier bins at each site.

2017 05 18 093137Each system will provide on-site buffer storage for approximately 600m3 of waste wood and is designed to discharge some 100,000 tonnes of fuel per annum. Future proofing each site to take account of changing fuel characteristics has been a key focus and while each site is designed to work initially with wood chip, Saxlund’s design will accommodate alternative fuel sources.

The fully automated state-of-the-art Push Floor technology is based on ‘first in, first out’ principles, specifically designed to limit the opportunity for the fuel to degrade or compact. This in turn ensures a resilient on demand process with discharge, conveying and weighing system, feeding the fuel to the gasifier feed bins.

With project completion expected in the second half of 2017 the three plants will have a combined export capacity of 30MW to the national grid.

Matt Drew, Managing Director of Saxlund International said: “We’re delighted to be working with Galliford Try on these installations for Biomass UK. As an approved supplier we have been involved from the earliest stages on pre-contract and design development to ensure highly resilient on demand fuel handling solutions for each site.”

Saxlund International

Saxlund International is a market leader in the biomass combustion industry, Energy from Waste, as well as bulk solid handling and storage sectors.

With more than 60 years’ experience, the company has offices in Southampton, Sweden and Germany, with a turnover of Euro 35 million, 85 employees and provides a full range of services from design, engineering, manufacturing and construction.


Highly-efficiency renewable energy - KPA Unicon to deliver power plant for Termoflorestal LDA to Juncal, Portugal

Termoflorestal LDA and KPA Unicon have signed a contract of Unicon Altius 5 MWe power plant delivery to Juncal, Porto de Mos, Portugal. The power plant will operate on renewable fuel and provide efficient power generation for the local electricity grid as well as steam for biomass drying process at the neighboring pellet plant. “RFB raw material”, namely dry wood dust, will be used as fuel for the power plant. The plant will be handed over to the customer in November 2018.

The contract covers the design of the power plant, the delivery of the main process equipment, including a boiler with auxiliary systems, turbine, generator, condensation system, flue gas cleaning equipment and a high-tech PlantSys system that enables remote operation and monitoring of the plant.

2016 09 19 091807Termoflorestal LDA is responsible for land planning and foundation works, buildings, steel structures, ducts and piping which will be purchased in accordance with the KPA Unicon's design and initial data. Termoflorestal LDA performs installation works under the KPA Unicon's construction management and installation supervision. KPA Unicon ensures the commissioning of the power plant and training of the personnel.

KPA Unicon and Termoflorestal LDA have jointly optimized the concept of the project, it will utilize the advantages of both parties, which will ensure cost-effective and responsible energy production. The power plant will use burners for dry and pulverized biomass burning, based on the "Unicon Pellet" technology developed by KPA Unicon. "Biomass- based boiler plants using this combustion technology are built mainly in Scandinavian countries, so it is great to have exported our technological know-how to other parts of southern Europe, where such technology is not yet widespread," says Olli-Pekka Aarnio, Key Account Manager KPA Unicon.

"Dust combustion technology brings this project to a very special synergy effect, because the power plant will use as fuel a part of already dried and ground biomass dust from the neighboring pellet plant. This is a logistically ideal solution that saves fuel and ensures high efficiency with a small carbon footprint", Aarnio continues.

“The decision to choose KPA Unicon to supply our thermoelectric power station, relies essentially on the high performance of its technological solutions with more than 25 years’ experience from all over the world. The professionalism demonstrated, the tests and prior analyzes to the available fuel in our country (Forest Residual Biomass) and the commitment assumed regarding the performance of the Central, allowed us to advance to this new project.” Says Rui Carrera, administrator of Termoflorestal LDA.

Term oflorest al LDA is new company which is put up for this power plant project. Termoflorestal as company has strong relationship to the Justo SGPS Group, with the necessary confidence for such an investment.

K P A Unicon provides responsible energy solutions for efficient energy production. The company specializes in boiler and power plant projects. The solutions utilize biomass fuels as well as fossil fuels sustainably. KPA Unicon also provides operation and maintenance services, and offers support during the whole life cycle of plants. KPA Unicon’s headquarters are located in Pieksämäki, Finland. The company employs 250 energy industry professionals.


New Heights as Chilean SeaWind Chooses Breeze

Chilean company Seawind has chosen Breeze Wind Farm Management system for wind farm monitoring, reporting and analysis. 

SeaWind is a Chilean company with more than 10 years experience developing, maintaining and operating wind farms projects in Chile and South America. Having developed more than 90 MW in wind and net billing solar projects, SeaWind is projecting a strong increase in the coming years thanks to a 270 MW portfolio investment.

After intensive market research, SeaWind decided to implement Breeze into its developed wind farm, Cerro Coihue, located in a very remote and windy site, in the western part of Chilean Patagonia. This wind farm feeds energy to an isolated gold mine, helping them lower their diesel consumption and substantially reduce their carbon footprint.

2017 05 15 072203

 “Breeze allows us to monitor remotely and follow closely the wind turbines production as well as the scheduled maintenance - all in one single platform. We found Breeze to be the one system that best meets our needs”, said Rolf Büntemeyer, project director - SeaWind.

 SeaWind has an extensive portfolio to follow, making a multi-client platform mandatory, and a need to monitor remotely their wind resource met masts in the country. “This is the first Breeze project in Chile and we are very excited to see all the Breeze tools in action. This is a good start to what could be a long lasting relationship,” said Marcelo Banto, vice president of SeaWind.​

About Seawind

SeaWind is a Chilean company benefitting from market leading expertise in engineering, implementing, maintaining and operating wind power plants. Today the company focuses on its development as an Independent Power Producer and intends to develop, build and operate around 270 MW in the coming years. Since 2006, SeaWind is offering power solutions to industrial and, in particular, mining companies and has delivered many challenging energy projects in the country, including a Guinness World Records for the highest installed wind turbine, located at 4.110 meters above sea level.


Spanish facility set to process 20,000 tonnes of waste per year

Waste management specialist Madegan is in the final stages of commissioning a new shredding system that will enable the family-run business to process up to 20,000 tonnes of waste per year.

The Spanish organisation is no stranger to the waste and recycling market, having its roots in the late 1970s. But fast forward to 2017 and continued growth and innovation means Madegan is now a well-known name in the world of waste to energy.

The team therefore sought a new machine to boost the capacity and flexibility of their Madrid facility.

2017 05 15 071929

Following an extensive three year research project, Madegan headed to Austria to visit the global shredder manufacturer UNTHA. Impressed with the operational capabilities and performance of the machine, plus the vastly reduced energy consumption, Madegan procured the XR mobil-e – a new shredder that has quickly become renowned for its ability to efficiently process a variety of wastes.

Luis Silva from UNTHA IBERICA explains: “When discussions first began, our local sales team worked with Madegan to understand the requirements of the project. They have been shredding waste since 2005 but as they continue to expand, they need to be able to handle higher volumes of different material streams.

“We helped them devise a new shredding solution that can tackle everything from commercial and industrial (C&I) waste, to construction and demolition waste, wood and municipal solid waste (MSW). They then travelled to our global headquarters near Salzburg – not just to see the XR mobil-e in operation, but to trial it with their own materials too.”

The technology soon proved it could handle the waste with ease, to manufacture a high quality SRF product. But the business case for the mobile machine was also strong.

“This was a very important economical investment for us,” elaborates Alberto Magan, CEO of Madegan. “We therefore looked at everything, ranging from the initial cost of the machine, through to the speed and ease of maintenance, typical uptime rates, throughputs, energy efficiency and adaptability to meet varied customer specifications. The stats, coupled with the promised longevity of the machine, made the XR the most solid investment.”

When fully operational, the shredder will allow Madegan to process a number of waste streams down to a homogenous particle size of 30-40mm. Supplied on tracks and with an in-built conveyor, it can easily be moved around the Madrid site, and plugged back in.