Process Industry Match Press Release


Following the acquisition of Process Industry Match .com by Vince Maynard and Ian-Melin Jones, we thought now would be a good time to update you on how we are moving forwards and developing the site. As individuals (Vince & Ian) we already have our own specialist media as listed under Industry Partners on the site; however this joint venture ensures we can draw on the entire portfolio for news gathering and reaching new readers in multi discipline areas of industry.

The site

Our first decision was to make PIM an open source website to ensure the widest possible audience for both news and advertisers. this (even at this early stage) has seen a threefold increase in the number of visitors and the time they are spending at PIM, a threefold increase has also been seen in the amount of time visitors are spending reading the news and articles.


Our input in terms of news posting has averaged 18 new items per day since taking over and is still increasing, these items fall into eight broad categories, News, Chemicals, Food/Materials, Oil/Gas, Metals/Mining, Green Industry, Power/Water and Technology News. A recent example of our ability to gather news while it actually happens was from Tube/Wire Dusseldorf and we were posting live from the exhibition.


Existing and new visitors to the site also have the opportunity to subscribe/un-subscribe to our E-newsletters via the website making it easy to ensure they are kept right up to date with what is happening, interaction is also possible via the Twitter feed and has proven to be very effective when sharing company news.


Through a re-design of the layout of the site we are now able to offer an extensive and very flexible variety of options for marketing; this also includes our E-Newsletters.

To find more or you have a question please contact

Ian Paul Melin-Jones

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Mobile: +46 (0) 70 6961291
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Vince Maynard

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