Ambronite’s Simo Suoheimo on rethinking reformulation

The Finnish nutrition pioneer discusses no compromise formulation with an esteemed Food Navigator panel

2020 06 08 203042Simo Suoheimo, Co-founder of AmbroniteSimo Suoheimo, Co-founder of Ambronite shed new light on the company’s formulation philosophy and his approach to creating truly clean label plant-based products. 

He joined an esteemed panel of industry experts, including food scientists, researchers, and academics for a webinar event entitled ‘Rethinking Reformulation: Balancing Health with Flavour and Aroma’ hosted by industry publication Food Navigator. 

Tasked with dissecting the issues surrounding modern-day nutrition and identifying solutions to improve the nutritional value of everyday foods while maintaining customer expectations on price, flavor and accessibility, the group delved into an array of tough topics. 

When asked why food and beverage manufacturers should invest in reformulation and whether there was an impact of COVID-19 Suoheimo said: “We’re seeing a desire from customers to know more about the origin of ingredients and this has only accelerated during the recent crisis. The source of our food is one of the key building blocks of health but the recent crisis has woken so many people up to just how connected we are to our environment and there is much more to improve in the food system, which is what we’re working on at Ambronite.”

The group moved on to discuss shifting dogmas in the food industry and widely accepted then refuted health advice on saturated fats, and today's big focus on sugar reduction. 

Suoheimo added: “I think about it as two problems; how do we reduce the amount of sugar and sub-par sweeteners that are linked to diseases like Type 2 diabetes and increased mortality rates, but also how can we make sugar free products that are better tasting than current products. At Ambronite we are trying to introduce stealth health into everyday products. For example, meal shakes that are as tasty as a chocolate milkshake but with all the nutritional power and punch of real food ingredients, properly balanced to cover each and every need of the human body. There's also a massive psychological element and personally, we started the company to solve this problem for ourselves, wanting great taste without compromise. We need to bring back flavor into real foods with nutritional value. Complementing natural ingredients like bilberry we can extract powerful natural flavors.”

To watch the webinar in full head to the Food Navigator event page.


Urban professionals who prioritize health and productivity equally are a key customer group for Ambronite with many working in the technology sector. However, the burgeoning health movement represents a new chapter in consumer nutrition with growing numbers of followers from all walks of life, from sports stars and wellness coaches to explorers and touring DJs. Ambronite helps overcome daily food voids and presents a healthy option for those times when high-quality protein and healthy fats are hard to come by.

Ambronite launched in 2014 via Indiegogo as the platform's most successful crowdfunding round for a food brand and has since served customers in over 30 countries. 

Ambronite's mission is to transform humans and the planet from surviving to thriving, through a sustainable plant-based lifestyle. To find out more about Ambronite shakes, bars and juices head to  

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