Proseal tray sealing technology is enabling pet food manufacturers to meet growing demand for high quality products and packaging, as well as providing mass customisation solutions that can help businesses in the sector to diversify and introduce online ordering for home delivery services.

A recent report from Transparency Market Research has predicted a CAGR of 6% in the global pet food market in the ten years from 2019, reaching an expected value of US$168.3 bn by autumn 2029. Increasing consumer demand for premium quality products has led manufacturers to use high quality materials and ingredients while streamlining their production techniques and processes, with the corresponding need for appropriate quality packaging to reflect this premium image.

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The comprehensive Proseal tray sealer range has the flexibility to perform in a wide range of disciplines, including Gas Flush Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), Vacuum MAP with lid control and Skin Packaging. In particular, the company’s advanced sealing systems ensure absolute control and integrity of the seal between the lid and the tray, a vital requirement for applications that incorporate a substantial controlled-retortion-process or other High Pressure sterilisation processes after sealing.

The tray sealers also include several Proseal-developed features that help to maximise performance, reliability and efficiency, such as the company’s pioneering Eseal® energy saving technology, ifilm™ intelligent film monitoring, and ProTect™ RFID access login system that provides full audit trail visibility and layered security.

In addition, Proseal’s AP60 linear conveyor tray sealing system is able to provide bespoke automated solutions for high speed applications and demanding production conditions, based around individual customer production processes and requirements.

Among the system’s many features, the length and width of the indexing conveyor can be customised to accommodate particular de-nesting and filling requirements. Full or partial vacuum systems can be incorporated to enable post seal processes such as retort or High Pressure Processing (HPP), and X-ray inspection systems and checkweighers can be included after sealing for enhanced quality control. The AP60 also offers seamless integration with third party process equipment including depositors, multihead weighing applications and CIP systems with sealing speeds of up to 240 packs per minute.

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Furthermore, Proseal’s AP60 benefits from shared technology across the Proseal machinery range. Options can be specified and retro-engineered at the customer request, allowing a more flexible approach to each distinct application.

All Proseal machines offer a user-friendly interface and easy to maintain design, with a rugged and hygienic food industry approved construction geared to full washdown protection.

“As the pet food market continues to expand, we were keen to provide solutions for companies requiring a significant upscale in their production of core products in new packaging formats, which could be met on one machinery platform,” said Tony Burgess, Head of Sales and Control Systems, Proseal.

“The flexibility of our technology and the wide variety of machines available, including fully integrated conveyor systems, mean we can offer a full turnkey production line solution which is key for this particular market.

We are delighted that our expertise can help companies to achieve a point of differentiation in the competitive pet food sector.”

Founded in 1998, Proseal designs and manufactures high quality tray sealing machines, conveyor systems and sealing tools for food industry markets worldwide.  The company became part of the US-based JBT Corporation in 2019. JBT is a complete solutions provider to the growing pet food sector, committed to exceeding customer expectations.

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  • 81% of business owners are concerned about profits not returning to normal
  • Over half (56%) of food catering businesses are very concerned about job security following the pandemic
  • One third of the food manufacturing industry are currently furloughed or unable to work

Since the 4th of July, many industries, businesses, and establishments have been able to return to work, with social distancing guidelines in place. But how do some staff members in those industries feel about going back? Are they ready and do they feel safe?

Virtual College surveyed the retail, manufacturing and catering sectors of the food and drink industry to understand their views on returning to work following the Covid-19 pandemic, and the results are very surprising. The main concerns being how are businesses going to be profitable, access to adequate PPE and how to return safely both for themselves and their customers.

Food Catering:

  • 64.5% of people working in food catering are very concerned or about the safety of customers/guests
  • 69% are very concerned about the safety of themselves/colleagues
  • 87% feel that it is very important that they have access to adequate PPE
  • 55% of food catering business owners are very concerned profits will not return to normal
  • 56% are very concerned about job security following the pandemic
  • 63% are concerned about social distancing in the workplace on returning to work

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Food Manufacturing:

  • 31% in food manufacturing are currently furloughed or unable to work
  • 44% are not at all concerned about social distancing in the workplace
  • Only 41% are very concerned about job security
  • 64% are very concerned about profits
  • 92% feel it is very important to have access to adequate PPE
  • 52% are concerned about social distancing in the workplace on returning to work

2020 07 21 100916

Food Retail:

  • 27% feel that their business/employer is not prepared to return to work safely
  • 58% are very concerned about the safety of themselves/colleagues
  • 86% feel it is very important for them to have access to adequate PPE
  • 70% are concerned about social distancing in the workplace

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Many concerns were raised within the survey, so to provide information and suggest best practice for businesses in the current climate, Virtual College have gone on to deliver over 150,000 online COVID-19 courses to both businesses and individuals

“Virtual College reached out to obtain the views of people working in the food industry to ensure the online training we provide is tailored to the immediate needs of our customers. Indeed, some of our courses are updated every week due the constantly changing Covid-19 situation”. – Peter Hilliard, Marketing Manager

For more information on the study and the free courses to aid businesses, please visit:

About Virtual College

Virtual College -

Virtual College is one of the UK’s leading providers of online learning. We have been at the forefront of e-learning for over twenty years and have a wealth of experience developing and providing training that positively impacts individuals, teams and organisations.

We constantly strive to deliver up-to-date and engaging online learning, supported by the very latest in learning management system technology, to enable individuals and organisations to reach their full potential. That’s why we recently won ‘Learning Technologies Supplier of the Year 2016-17’ and ‘E-learning Development Company of the Year 2015-16’.

About the Study

Virtual College received over 350 responses to a survey sent to people who own businesses or work in the food and drinks industry to establish their views on their imminent return to work following the COVID-19 pandemic.


Ambronite’s Simo Suoheimo on rethinking reformulation

The Finnish nutrition pioneer discusses no compromise formulation with an esteemed Food Navigator panel

2020 06 08 203042Simo Suoheimo, Co-founder of AmbroniteSimo Suoheimo, Co-founder of Ambronite shed new light on the company’s formulation philosophy and his approach to creating truly clean label plant-based products. 

He joined an esteemed panel of industry experts, including food scientists, researchers, and academics for a webinar event entitled ‘Rethinking Reformulation: Balancing Health with Flavour and Aroma’ hosted by industry publication Food Navigator. 

Tasked with dissecting the issues surrounding modern-day nutrition and identifying solutions to improve the nutritional value of everyday foods while maintaining customer expectations on price, flavor and accessibility, the group delved into an array of tough topics. 

When asked why food and beverage manufacturers should invest in reformulation and whether there was an impact of COVID-19 Suoheimo said: “We’re seeing a desire from customers to know more about the origin of ingredients and this has only accelerated during the recent crisis. The source of our food is one of the key building blocks of health but the recent crisis has woken so many people up to just how connected we are to our environment and there is much more to improve in the food system, which is what we’re working on at Ambronite.”

The group moved on to discuss shifting dogmas in the food industry and widely accepted then refuted health advice on saturated fats, and today's big focus on sugar reduction. 

Suoheimo added: “I think about it as two problems; how do we reduce the amount of sugar and sub-par sweeteners that are linked to diseases like Type 2 diabetes and increased mortality rates, but also how can we make sugar free products that are better tasting than current products. At Ambronite we are trying to introduce stealth health into everyday products. For example, meal shakes that are as tasty as a chocolate milkshake but with all the nutritional power and punch of real food ingredients, properly balanced to cover each and every need of the human body. There's also a massive psychological element and personally, we started the company to solve this problem for ourselves, wanting great taste without compromise. We need to bring back flavor into real foods with nutritional value. Complementing natural ingredients like bilberry we can extract powerful natural flavors.”

To watch the webinar in full head to the Food Navigator event page.


Urban professionals who prioritize health and productivity equally are a key customer group for Ambronite with many working in the technology sector. However, the burgeoning health movement represents a new chapter in consumer nutrition with growing numbers of followers from all walks of life, from sports stars and wellness coaches to explorers and touring DJs. Ambronite helps overcome daily food voids and presents a healthy option for those times when high-quality protein and healthy fats are hard to come by.

Ambronite launched in 2014 via Indiegogo as the platform's most successful crowdfunding round for a food brand and has since served customers in over 30 countries. 

Ambronite's mission is to transform humans and the planet from surviving to thriving, through a sustainable plant-based lifestyle. To find out more about Ambronite shakes, bars and juices head to  

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W+D/BICMA develops face mask line capable of up to 1 million disposable surgical masks per day with a lower cost mask design

2020 06 05 122137Reacting to the worldwide shortage and peak demand for high quality lower cost face masks, the W+D/BICMA hygiene group of Winkler+Dünnebier has developed a fully automatic, high-speed face mask converting line for the production of high quality disposable face masks: Auxilium FM. This new converting line has a speed of up to 150 m/min (492 ft/min) and is able to produce up to 1 million high quality face masks per day making it one of the fastest mask production machines in the world.

Adding to the manufacturing throughput efficiency of up to 800 face masks per minute is also a unique product concept, reducing the costs per piece by using for the ear loops standard materials which are common in the hygiene industry. The machine comes with CE sign and is suitable for Industry 4.0 applications. It can be equipped with various options such as fully automatic stacking camera system for inline quality control, inline flexoprinting and many more.

2020 06 05 122210The Auxilium FM mask line laminates and converts three or more layers of appropriate nonwoven materials (spunbond, meltblown, thermobonded or others). By converting suitable raw materials, producers may apply for EN 14683 I, II or IIR certification for masks they made on this quality machine. It combines W+D/Bicma’s proven technology in highspeed nonwoven processing with newly designed features like nose clip and earloop application.


Winkler+Dünnebier GmbH (W+D) offers a wide range of highly efficient, integrated system solutions for the mail and postal industry, as well as for the tissue and hygiene industry. With more than 100 years of industry-shaping innovations, W+D has core competence in the converting and processing of thin and in-homogeneous materials—such as paper, tissue and nonwovens—at high speeds and tight tolerances. With innovative and tailor-made system solutions and services, W+D focuses on the entire internal value chain for its customers. Part of the Barry-Wehmiller family, W+D has production and distribution sites in Germany, the Netherlands, Malaysia and the United States, with sales and service support around the world. For more, go to

BICMA Hygiene Technologie GmbH

Founded in 1995, BICMA has established itself as an internationally recognized mechanical engineering company in the hygiene industry. The company develops and builds machines for the production of feminine hygiene products, baby and adult diapers, incontinence pads, pet and bed pads as well as food suction pads and face masks. BICMA was acquired by Winkler+Dünnebier GmbH (W+D) in 2018. Both companies belong to the American Barry-Wehmiller Group, one of the world’s leading suppliers of production technologies and solutions. For more information, go to


Barry-Wehmiller is a diversified global supplier of engineering consulting and manufacturing technology for the packaging, corrugating, sheeting and paper converting industries. By blending people-centric leadership with disciplined operational strategies and purpose-driven growth, Barry-Wehmiller has become a $3 billion organization with 11,000-plus team members united by a common belief: to use the power of business to build a better world. To see how, go to


Bakery and Confectionery equipment specialist standardises on Qdos pumps for pilot installations

An established Dutch food equipment designer, Tanis Food Tec, which specialises in process installations for bakery and confectionery products, is relying on Qdos peristaltic metering pumps from Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group (WMFTG) for all of its pilot machines. These pilot machines are deployed in R&D departments at major food manufacturers, where the accuracy of Qdos pumps in the dosing of colouring and flavouring is vital during development processes to help optimise the quality and cost of the end product.

Established in 1991, Tanis Food Tec has nurtured an enviable reputation for the development of sophisticated, fully automatic food processing solutions that involve operations such as weighing, preparing, pre-mixing, tempering, crystallising, plasticising, aerating, depositing, coating and decorating. The company says that these characteristics make it a future-orientated, reliable partner for confectionery and dairy manufacturers, as well as industrial bakers.

While Tanis Food Tec has hundreds of continuous, software-controlled production lines around the globe making millions of carefully crafted treats, the Lelystad-based company also produces numerous pilot machines for customers looking to develop new products and manufacturing processes. Since 2017 Tanis has been using Qdos pumps from WMFTG for this purpose.

“At Tanis Food Tec we use Qdos for the accurate dosing of colours and flavours within R&D departments, and today these pumps have become an integral part of our pilot machines,” confirms Piet Vader, the company’s Sales Manager. “The high precision with which the Qdos can handle both small and large volumes of fluid is crucial to adjust recipes and dosages, or perform exact process replication.”

2020 06 05 095420

Dosing accuracy saves on costs

ReNu peristaltic pumphead technology is at the core of the Qdos pump, ensuring the delivery of accurate and repeatable flow for fluids of wide ranging viscosities.

“The accuracy of the Qdos peristaltic pump is a key feature because colours and flavours are often very expensive ingredients,” says Mr Vader. “In fact, these ingredients can cost more than €10,000 per kg, so precise dosing is extremely important. Qdos pump accuracy is therefore important for both the quality and prime cost of the end product.”

Of course, the accuracy of Qdos pumps is an important asset for many industries, not just the food sector. A case in point is personal care.

“At Tanis Food Tec we focus primarily on the food industry, however, the use of Qdos pumps has allowed us to diversify beyond our traditional markets,” says Mr Vader.” For instance, we currently have one of our pilot machines installed at a large company that develops personal care products. It goes without saying that the cosmetics industry also uses expensive components in its products, which is why accurate and repeatable dosing is so vital."

Repeatable performance

Repeatability is a critical factor as the products pumped by Qdos pumps differ greatly in terms of viscosity, for example.

“And yet Qdos pumps maintain very accurate and continuous dosage at different system pressures,” says Mr Vader. “Additionally, ease of use is a great advantage. The display screen on Qdos pumps shows all the important information.”

“Among further benefits, removing and replacing the pumpheads can be done very quickly,” he adds. “Moreover, it is possible to change between pumping different substances without any risk of contaminating the surrounding environment or personnel.”

“Another significant advantage is that Qdos pumps need hardly any maintenance,” says Mr Vader. “Unlike membrane pumps, peristaltic pumps do not have suction and discharge valves that often demand higher levels of maintenance."

Using Qdos means that process uptime is maximised by facilitating quick, safe and easy pumphead removal and replacement, with no requirement for tools, specialist training or dedicated technicians. Unlike on many other pump types, using Qdos pumps means there are no valves or seals to clog, leak or corrode, reducing maintenance costs considerably.

Long-standing partner

Watson-Marlow has been known to Tanis Food Tec for many years, and has enjoyed high levels of satisfaction with the pump manufacturer’s service and support.

“In Watson-Marlow we’ve found a partner that offers quality at a fair price and honours all agreements between our companies,” states Mr Vader. “We really value these three factors when it comes to building relationships with suppliers."

So, is the Qdos pump set to remain the preferred choice at Tanis Food Tec?

“Yes, especially for this type of pilot installation, for which Qdos is ideal,” concludes Mr Vader. “It has become our standard solution.”