iFoodbag helps Swedes abroad to eat herring, meatballs and Swedish whey cheese

Scandi-Shop has sent a thousand bags to Switzerland

Environment and stronger logistics are in focus when Swedish iFoodbag continues to deliver its unique refrigerator and freezer bag throughout the world. Now the company is approaching a patent license for the product, which now also transports classic Swedish goods all the way down to Switzerland.

2017 06 28 082639A lot has happened since iFoodbag launched its unique refrigerator and freezer bag almost 18 months ago. The company was rewarded quite soon with a sought after EU grant and signed agreements with both national companies such as Volvo and as well as international companies such as Mondi, the packaging company. The company had a total revenue of 7 million SEK in 2016, but it does not end there as the company is constantly developing and has sold and started pilot tests on several continents by now. The ambition is to improve iFoodbag even more, thus not only giving users a better experience but also contributing to a sustainable environment and less carbon dioxide emissions.

"The global market for these types of environmentally friendly products is gigantic and we believe in a good future," says Karl Fallgren, CEO and founder of iFoodbag. “We aim to work for our environment by planting more trees than we take down and reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Another goal for us is to reduce food wastage and secure deliveries of both food and medicines in exposed areas of the world.”

One of the Swedish companies that has chosen to use the solution is Scandi-Shop, which supplies Swedish goods all the way from Helsingborg down to Switzerland, which is a tough logistical challenge. In order to keep the food cool and fresh, they use the Swedish iFoodbag, which is completely insulated and equipped with a cooling element to keep the right temperature all the way to the door. The first delivery of bags took place in October 2016 when Scandi-Shop started its journey.

"The most difficult thing for us was to figure out the logistics. We were looking for a solution and had trouble finding a solution so that the fresh food would not be destroyed, and it is very important to be able to send cold goods without compromising the cooling chain. Then iFoodbag appeared and the price was right, the quality was right and it's also a big plus that the bags can be reused and that they are environmentally friendly, not only for Sweden but also in Switzerland and other countries that have much tougher recycling requirements. We have sent 1000 iFoodbags now and it has really worked perfectly since day one. We are very pleased and have achieved a superb result," says Jesper Nordström, CEO of Scandi-Shop.

iFoodbag has submitted several international patent applications, of which the first in the series has now received a favourable opinion from the PCT Authority. The company's application will now be reviewed by the national patent offices in the US, Australia, Canada, China, India and South Africa, as well as by the European Patent Office with the PCT Authority's positive statements in mind. When the European Patent Office has granted the patent, the company can put the patent into force in 36 European countries.

"It is a comprehensive patent protection that will give iFoodbag AB the protection of the method and system for transporting refrigeration and freezer goods. It is important for business purposes that the patents have the ambition to protect effectively and make it impossible or difficult for competitors to make similar products and solutions," says Michael Andersson, senior partner at Zacco Consulting.

About iFoodbag: WE SIMPLIFY LIFE.

iFoodbag is a Swedish start-up company and newcomer in the packaging industry. It was founded in 2013 and developed the unique paper bag of that name, the iFoodbag®. The iFoodbag® is an innovative bag made from a composite material that can protect chilled and frozen food as a passive packaging solution. The iFoodbag®. is intended to solve inter alia the following problems:

  • E-commerce logistics challenge: costs and product quality
  • Improved quality for chilled and frozen items
  • Environmental waste

The company has received a number of awards for its new approach and start-up idea. For further information, please visit


Sonoco IML design wins IMDA Best of Show

Sonoco (NYSE:SON), one of the largest diversified global packaging companies, has been awarded the Best Injection (IML) Package, Gold Award and the Best of Show Award at the eleventh annual IMDA Awards for its Tartex vegan pate containers. The IMDA Awards recognize the industry’s best in-mold labeled (IML) packaging, in-mold decorated (IMD) durable products and labels in multiple categories.

Tartex uses customized PermaSafe® IML packaging from Sonoco, which combines maximum convenience and long shelf life with an eye-catching appearance at the point of sale. The spreads have been sold in European health food stores since October 2015.

2017 06 22 120038

A pioneer in vegan nutrition, Tartex introduced the first 100% plant-based spread more than 70 years ago. Today, the Tartex brand is produced by Allos Hof-Manufaktur, a subsidiary of the Wessanen Group based in the Netherlands that specializes in healthy foods and sustainable food production. Tartex spreads are sold across Germany and other European countries in organic supermarkets and health food stores.

“We closely collaborated with our customer, Allos Hof-Manufaktur, to customize a package based on our PermaSafe containers,” said Andreas Rothschink, European sales director of plastic packaging at Sonoco. “PermaSafe packaging is lightweight and attractive, and offers a new and eye-catching alternative to the traditional metal cans often used for similar foods.”

Sonoco incorporated several special touches into the container, including a barrel design that replicates tiny wooden slats and a special matte finish. In addition to being visually appealing, the barrel structure enhances rigidity and reduces the amount of material required. The matte label was custom-developed by Sonoco to impart a natural, paper-like feel, underscoring the natural appeal of the product.

The packaging is also safe and functional. The user-friendly lid is easy to open and resealable, and the die-cut aluminum membrane seals the packaging. "After sterilization, the spreads keep in the PermaSafe container for twelve months without refrigeration," said Rothschink. "This makes IML packaging a modern and consumer-friendly alternative to metal cans."

In the IML process, the polypropylene containers are manufactured and labeled in a single operation. Key advantages include the container's eye-catching appearance at the point of sale and the option of wrap-around labeling. IML is also beneficial in terms of recycling, because there is no need to separate materials.

About the IMDA
The In-Mold Decorating Association is a trade association representing molders, printers, material suppliers, equipment suppliers and others committed to the development and growth of in-mold labeling and decorating products, technologies and markets. Its mission is to raise the level of awareness and acceptance of in-mold decorated durable products and in-mold labeled packaging by OEMs, brand owners and marketers. Learn more at

About Sonoco Europe
In roughly 70 operations across Europe, Sonoco provides customers with a wide range of consumer and industrial packaging solutions. Consumer goods packaging solutions include composite cans, drums, and luxury tubes with a variety of closures; plastic packaging; packaging services; and graphics management. Sonoco’s industrial division produces a portfolio of cores, tubes, and spools made from highly engineered paperboard or plastic for use with paper, textiles and specialty films. The Sonoco Thermosafe unit offers customers temperature assurance packaging solutions for the transport of temperature-sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals and other biologics. To learn more, visit

About Sonoco
Founded in 1899, Sonoco is a global provider of a variety of consumer packaging, industrial products, protective packaging, and displays and packaging supply chain services. With annualized net sales of approximately $4.8 billion, the Company has 20,000 employees working in more than 300 operations in 33 countries, serving some of the world’s best known brands in some 85 nations. For more information on the Company, visit


Milliken at Drinktec 2017 to highlight how its ClearShield® UV absorbers protect vitamins, plus the color and aroma of drinks in clear, transparent PET bottles

At this fall’s Drinktec 2017 trade fair in Germany, Milliken Chemical will demonstrate how its ClearShield® Colorless UV Absorbers bring value to PET packaging by effectively protecting UV-sensitive contents from degradation while maintaining the material’s clarity and transparency.

  • Learn how Milliken ClearShield® Colorless UV absorbers in PET bottles and containers contribute to product shelf life, appeal and brand integrity while retaining the clarity and transparency of the resin
  • By integrating UV protection directly into the package, ClearShield can help brand owners to simplify formulations, be more environmentally friendly and reduce costs
  • The use of clear, uncolored PET packaging also simplifies post-use recycling
  • Visit Milliken at Stand 108, Hall A2 at Drinktec 2017 in Munich from Sept. 11-15

Brand owners are responding to consumer demands by replacing artificial colorants and preservatives with more natural ingredients in drinks as well as in solid food, vitamins and other packaged products. But this creates a new challenge, since exposure to UV light can degrade such ingredients, and negatively impact the color, appearance, flavor, fragrance or nutrient value of the contents.

2017 06 22 114853Milliken ClearShield® UV absorbers protect vitamins, plus the color and aroma of drinks in clear, transparent PET bottles. (Photos © 2017 Milliken & Company, all rights reserved, MKPR171)

ClearShield offers an efficient way to protect beverages and other UV-sensitive contents against harmful light exposure by incorporating the UV blocker into the PET package itself. These absorbers filter 95% of UV light at up to 390 nanometers and are effective at very low loadings, enabling the use of more highly UV-sensitive natural colorants in the packaged products.

To ensure product consistency, and hence brand integrity, the contents of PET packaged goods must be protected from exposure both to sunlight and to indoor lighting during storage, distribution, retail display and post-purchase storage. Consumers also like to be able to see the contents of what they’re buying. This is where Milliken is making a difference.

Occupying Stand 108, Hall A2 at the Sept. 11-15 show at Messe München, Milliken will use real-life examples and case studies to highlight how these additives create a new UV protection performance standard for PET bottles and containers, including for such products as juices and energy drinks.

Due to the photo-oxidation effect, most vitamins are sensitive to light, heat and oxygen in the presence of light. Vitamin degradation can lead to off-flavor and color shift in the beverage formulation.

2017 06 22 115014

PET bottles made with ClearShield UV absorbers offer impressive results when it comes to extending ingredient shelf life (defined as 80% of initial concentration). Studies have shown that vitamin A’s shelf life, for example, is 30 times better when protected in a ClearShield-modified bottle than when packaged in standard PET. Vitamin B6 shows a better than 70 times improvement, riboflavin seven times, folic acid 3.5 times and vitamin B12 double the shelf life.

Approved for food-contact applications by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), ClearShield overcomes the deficiencies of traditional technologies, including unwanted color, migration and bloom. These additives are easy to handle and meter and, since they are incorporated into the PET itself, do not extract into beverages. PET preform producers and bottle converters, meanwhile, will especially appreciate that the use of ClearShield-modified PET simplifies processing by resisting plate-out onto injection molded preform and bottle molding surfaces.

But the advantages of using ClearShield do not end there. There also are clear sustainability benefits. “For starters”, says Milliken technical manager Simon Bousquet, “formulators can use more natural ingredients with confidence, while also eliminating concerns about toxicity or wastewater contamination by some of the chemicals traditionally used in other UV stabilizers.”

Additionally, Bousquet noted, “Better contents protection and extended shelf life help to reduce product waste. And by enabling greater use of more natural and uncolored PET, ClearShield helps to reduce or eliminate the need to use dark or colored containers to protect the contents,” he explained. “Such opaque and colored PET materials tend to make the recycle stream dark, which can make recycling more difficult and lessen the value of the reclaimed product.”

Hear more from Bousquet directly when he gives a presentation at the Sept. 11-12 “PETnology 2017” conference that is running concurrently with Drinktec, in the Congress Center Munich on the trade fair’s grounds.

Visit Milliken at Stand 108, Hall A2 at Drinktec 2017, and learn first-hand how ClearShield-modified PET can help you to lower cost, reduce waste and protect your brand image.

About Milliken

Milliken is an innovation company that has been exploring, discovering, and creating ways to enhance people’s lives since 1865. Working from our laboratories, application and development centers around the world, our scientists and engineers create coatings, specialty chemicals, and advanced additive and colorant technologies that transform the way we experience products from automotive plastics to children's art supplies. With expertise across a breadth of disciplines that also includes floor covering and performance materials, the people of Milliken work every day to add true value to people’s lives, improve health and safety, and make this world more sustainable. For more information, visit

ClearShield, Milliken, and the Milliken logo are registered trademarks of Milliken & Company.


Farming module provides locally produced food all year round

A new, unique solution enables profitable ecological cultivation in urban environments​

Exsilio, a Finnish enterprise, has developed a high-tech solution for cultivating salad and herbs, among others, in urban environments. The solution comprises a redesigned container, where ecological local food can be cultivated efficiently.

“Our solution is ideal for example for restaurants and institutional kitchens wanting to produce their own fresh ingredients. The modules also serve as an excellent complementary solution for farmers to expand their traditional greenhouses with”, explains Thomas Tapio, CEO of Exsilio.

2017 06 21 093021EkoFARMER farming modules are the ideal solution for example for restaurants and industry kitchens wanting to offer clean, locally produced food to their customers.©Exsilio

The 13-metre long farming module, known as EkoFARMER, is a unique market novelty. The unit forms a closed system that is delivered as a turn-key solutions that only require a location, water and electricity outlets. This means that the level of humidity, water, and carbon dioxide can be controlled efficiently in order to produce the optimal yield and   the best possible flavour. EkoFARMER uses an ecological soil developed by Kekkilä.

EkoFARMER can be used for both commercial and scientific purposes.

Exsilio is currently on the lookout for co-creation partners that are interested in developing their own farming modules based on their own requirements. In addition to restaurants and farmers, Tapio also envisions various other prospective industrial user groups for the modules.

“EkoFARMER is an excellent option for business fields in need of salads, herbs, (edible) flowers or medicinal plants, for example. The social aspect of urban farming is also prominent. For this reason, our solution is suitable for associations wanting to earn some extra income, or societies wanting to offer meaningful activities for the unemployed, for example. This is an opportunity to create new micro-enterprises”, says Tapio.

The module can be placed almost anywhere, it does not occupy much space, and it is also transferable.

Making farming in container format profitable in urban environments can be challenging, but according to Exsilio's calculations it is possible when the execution is efficient enough.

“Our module can produce approximately 55,000 pots of salad per year. The yield will be at least three times the amount produced in a greenhouse, since the cultivated plants are located on multiple floors. Therefore, plants can be cultivated all year round and the cultivation period can be shortened, as the amount of light and humidity can be controlled perfectly.”

The final price of the modules has not yet been determined, but according to Tapio's calculations, it is likely to be slightly over 100,000 euros. The enterprise has also developed a leasing model, which allows customers to use EkoFARMER with a monthly payment of a few thousand euros.

More information:Thomas Tapio, CEO, Exsilio,

+358 44 9809682


Södra, Derome and Nordströms Group sign multi-year agreement

Last week, Södra, Derome and Nordströms Group signed a multi-year agreement for interior wood products. The agreement means Södra will become the main supplier of products such as panelling, moulding and glue boards to the expanding building trade companies.

“We have worked with Derome and Nordströms for several years and see a major benefit from working with customers who focus on long-term relationships, just like Södra. This enables joint initiatives that are beneficial to both parties. One example is that Derome was the first retailer to install Södra’s new store concept for mouldings, which offers a much better overview of this assortment for the end consumer,” said Urban Blomster, Sales Director at Södra Interiör.

2017 06 16 073520

Derome is in a highly expansive phase and recently extended its market presence with 12 new stores across Sweden. Nordströmsgruppen is also investing heavily in its ten facilities, located between Uppsala and Linköping.

“Södra has the strength and logistics to join us in our strong development. It is strategically important to create the prerequisites to continue our progress, and Södra is a good fit in this context,” said Diana Larsson, Product Manager Joinery Products at Derome.

“We are pleased to have reached an agreement with Södra for mouldings and interior wood. We have collaborated for some time and I am positive that we are continuing on this path,” said Johan Perjos, Product Manager at Nordströms.

Södra was founded in 1938 and is the largest forest-owner association in Sweden, with a membership of more than 50,000 forest owners. We engage in modern and responsible forestry, and operate state-of-the-art mills in which we process our raw material. Through value-generating relationships and a long-term approach, Södra is leading the way for the next generation of forestry.