WEG develops anti-viral coating to protect against COVID-19

Industrial equipment manufacturer, WEG has developed a new anti-viral coating from its WEG Coatings and Varnishes Unit in Brazil. Developed for use on professional machinery and equipment used in hospitals, laboratories and medical settings, the new coating makes 99.9 per cent of coronavirus inactive within minutes of contact with the surface.

The coating, polyurethane W-THANE APA 501, has been developed amid the coronavirus pandemic for the many industries that WEG serve, that are all aiming to improve hygiene and safety. The coating’s creation follows the recommendations of the National Agency of Health Surveillance in Brazil and has been manufactured according to methodologies set by the International Standard BS ISO 21702:2019.

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The coating is recommended to protect industrial equipment used in high risk environments, this includes hospitals, medical centres and laboratories, as well as the industrial equipment used inside these facilities. However, it is also suitable for use in diverse market areas, including on plant machinery and equipment and public transport.

The new coating is the result of research and development at the WEG Coatings and Varnishes Unit — a division of the larger WEG group. Using anti-viral agents, the coating ensures that coronavirus cannot survive on its surface and has been thoroughly tested against the coronavirus MHV-3 strain.

“We are sparing no effort in developing technologies to combat COVID-19,” emphasized Reinaldo Richter, superintendent director of WEG Coatings. “We have a highly trained team of researchers available for this project and we have achieved the expected result in record time.”

As with all WEG coatings and paints, the new anti-viral coating is available in a diverse range of colours to suit any medical or industrial environment.

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